For our readers in Illinois, Sign the Petition today to demand Governor Quinn to Investigagte ACORN and the SEIU

Join the movement, Tell Gov. Quinn Investigate ACORN NOW!!!

Join the movement, Tell Gov. Quinn Investigate ACORN NOW!!!

Good Morning from Milwaukee as I am ready to leave for Washington, DC to the 2009 Americans for Prosperity National Defending the American Dream Summit.  I am writing before I board with a message for our friends in Illinois, and if anyone has a friends or family in Illinois who are concerned with our nation please pass this on.

Americans for Prosperity-Illinois is launching Say NO to ACORN which is a grass roots petition drive to demand Illinois Governor Pat Quinn investigate ACORN and its affiliates including SEIU.  Last night, I was invited to be part of a conference call on the campaign launch and the evidence is troubling about ACORN and SEIU in Illinois.  What has happened in Illinois could be happening in Wisconsin or in your state.

In Illinois, the corruption started when Rod Blagojevich when he issued executive orders in the beginning of his administration to SEIU-Illinois to organize personal home care workers and personal day care attendants.  Taxpayers wound up paying $11 million dollars of SEIU dues in return of a $450 million dollar contract done by the executive order.  Right now as Illinois is trying to move past the corruption of Rod Blagojevich, Governor Pat Quinn has been dragging his feet.

If you have a few minutes, please go to and sign the petition today.  Also, if you have friends and neighbors in Illinois, please pass this on too.  It is important to send a message to Governor Quinn as Illinois is moving past the damage of corruption, it is time to tell Governor Quinn who he works for and that is the over 11 million citizens of the State of Illinois.

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