Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana inspired DAD Summit Attendees to take back America in 2010

From the Marriott Crystal Gateway-Arlington, VA

Last night, Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana delivered an inspiring address to the over 2,000 attendees of the Defending the American Dream Summit sponsored by the Americans for Prosperity Foundation.

During his speech, Pence talked about the strong prospects that conservatives have in next years elections and also in this year’s governors elections in New Jersey and Virginia.  Taking a little quote from Reagan, Pence said: “seeing your neighbor lose your job is an recession, seeing yourself lose a job is a depression, and seeing a recovery is when Nancy Pelosi loses her spot as Speaker of the House.”

Also, Congressman Mike Pence blasted the Obama Administration over the new unemployment numbers published yesterday by the United States Department of Labor.  Pence blasted President Obama for not doing enough to shore up job losses by a stimulus bill that has backfired on their hopes of new jobs being created.   Earlier in September, Eli Lilly and Co. who has major operations in the State of Indiana cut over 5,000 jobs.

Lastly, Congressman Pence said: “if we can do this in 2010, there is hope for 2012.”

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