Newt Gingrich leads off the 2009 DAD Summit with a message

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich led off the 2009 Defending the American Dream Summit.  House Speaker Gingrich thanked people who took time out their own lives to be in the summit.

Gingrich who is best known for the 1994 Republican revolution said that there is a similar upbrewing that is upcoming in which happened during 1977 and 1993 that caused conservative turnarounds.  Gingrich said: “people voted for change they could believe in, but President Obama changed only how people could believe.”  Gingrich said: “that the Democrats have passed legislation so far to the left that people could not read it.”  This was pointed out in Congress passing the stimulus package and with US unemployment reported on Friday at a 26 year high of 9.8%. Gingrich called the stimulus package a “burden” on further figures that 1 out of 3 people are unemployed using full unemployment statistics in the US counting people who quit looking for a job and working part-time.

Gingrich also pointed out that there is a shift worldwide towards conservatism as the New York Times featured a story on the collapse of socialism in Europe.  This is noted with Germany’s recent elections in which their socialist party had their lowest vote output since World War II at 21 percent as conservatives crushed them.  The former House Speaker also said that with the far left wing of the Democratic Party in charge in the US, it would lead their party to what he called: “their worst defeat since 1993.”

Moreover, Gingrich said: “we need to have commitment from conservatives that if the incumbents are failing that someone needs to run.”  There are 513,000 elected officials in US and said that people need to be committed.  The House Speaker meant this: “if its a heavy democrat district  run as a Dem, if its a swing district run as a Republican, and if the Republican incumbent is not doing his job challenge them in the primary.”  Gingrich said, that “this is a non–partisan commitment.”

Lastly, the House Speaker talked about his experiences in bringing the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.  Gingrich said the organizing team for Atlanta 1996 was organized and disciplined to winning the bid.  Gingrich said that the big reason why Chicago did not win because the 2016 organizing team lacked discipline to win the bid.  The House Speaker also criticized the Obama Administration for putting domestic concerns on the back burner in its attempt to win the Olympic bid.

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