Over 2,000 Activists descend on the US Capitol to tell Congress to listen to the people

National Health Care Town Hall in Washington, DC

National Health Care Town Hall in Washington, DC

CAPITOL HILL, WASHINGTON, DC-Over 2,000 people descended to the US Capitol by the busload to come in support of a health care bill that lowers costs, improves competition, enables tort reform,  and most importantly protects the doctor-patient relationship.

Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-Virginia) helped get the crowd fired up and denounced a lot of cries from the left that the free-market side had no solution.  Goodlatte made the point that there is the case for a free market solution that includes tort reform, allowing interstate competition, and allowing for full tax deductions that businesses get for individuals on health care.  Goodlatte is very skeptical over the Democrats health care proposal as there could be 56 different government agencies created and spending close to a trillion dollars to fund the plan.

Peggy Venable, the State Director of Americans for Prosperity-Texas has said that their state’s tort reform laws has allowed health care systems in Texas to increase high risk care by 26 percent.  In Wisconsin, tort reform is a key reason why doctors are attracted to Wisconsin.  Tort reform has been a big sticking point with a consensus of groups in moving towards health care reform.  The American Tort Reform Association has said that the lack of tort reform in the US has costed the US economy over $246 billion in 2003.

During the event, Shona Holmes and host of other patients spoke about how the American health care system would be damaged under Democrats health care proposals.  After the event, everyone went to their Representatives offices to talk to their elected officials.  We will post later what we encountered at Senator Feingold’s office yesterday.

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One Response to Over 2,000 Activists descend on the US Capitol to tell Congress to listen to the people

  1. mkirschmd says:

    Sorry, guys. No tort reform coming our way. Even Bush couldn’t get it trhough when he had majority in both Houses. Physicians will simply have to make sure that every patient recovers fully and never suffers a medical complication. Isn’t that what everyone else at their jobs does every day? See http://www.MDWhistleblower.blogspot.com

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