Phil Kerpen of Americans for Prosperity discusses how Senator Feingold could be a key vote on Cap and Trade

Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wisconsin)

Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wisconsin)

Phil Kerpen-AFP Policy Director

Phil Kerpen-AFP Policy Director

Yesterday, I talked with the Director of Policy of Americans for Prosperity, Phil Kerpen about the upcoming vote in the Senate on Cap and Trade.  Kerpen, a well noted analyst on the climate debate talked to the North Shore Exponent on Senator Russ Feingold being a key person that could vote no on Cap and Trade.

Kerpen said that Feingold is one of a few Senators that can be a possible No vote to stop the bill.  Kerpen said that if Cap and Trade passes it would be damaging to Wisconsin’s economy.  Kerpen told: “that Wisconsin being a coal state would be at a serious disadvantage if cap and trade was approved by the Senate.”  Kerpen also stated: “manufacturing heavy states like Wisconsin who are coal powered will be the hardest hit if cap and trade passes. ”  Kerpen also noted that manufacturing heavy cities like Appleton, Green Bay, Maintowoc, and Sheboygan where manufacturing dominates their economies would be hurt the most if Cap and Trade passed.

Senator Feingold  during a WisBusiness interview in September expressed the danger of cap and trade to Wisconsin stating: “I’m not signing onto any bill that rips off Wisconsin.”   Feingold claimed that the mandatory caps on greenhouse gas emissions would put Wisconsin at a serious disadvantage to nuclear power states like Illinois.  Feingold’s position on Cap and Trade would be the subject of a campaign that Americans for Prosperity would do in the coming weeks to target Senator Feingold to vote no.  Kerpen said: “we need to educate Wisconsin citizens and business owners on the dangers of the bill.”  “If we activate both individuals and businesses to send Senator Feingold a message to vote no on cap and trade, it could mean a big difference if Wisconsin protects jobs or loses more  from what they are losing already.”

Kerpen said to the 2,000 plus person crowd at the Defending the American Dream Summit that a vote on cap and trade could happen within the next two to three months.

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One Response to Phil Kerpen of Americans for Prosperity discusses how Senator Feingold could be a key vote on Cap and Trade

  1. Phil Kerpen says:

    To clarify, I said one of two senators I think could vote no FROM THE LEFT. There are many who could vote no from the right. I think we need to make clear to Feingold how much pork, corporate welfare, and corruption is in the bill. Check out this paper:

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