Senator Jim DeMint honored for his tireless vising of fighting for real American values.

Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC)

Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC)

Senator Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina) today was honored by the Americans for Prosperity-Foundation for his principled and corageous stands to fight for conservatism in the United States.  Senator DeMint was awarded as the 2009 Washington Award from Americans for Prosperity for his voting record and free market leadership.  DeMint is the third winner joining Arizona Congressman Jeff Flake in 2007 and Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe in 2008 who were given the similar honor.

When giving his remarks, the South Carolina Senator was encouraged by the amount of people who attended the event this year.  DeMint said to the crowd: “when the government said Yes We can, we need to respond No You Can’t.”   The senator said this at a critical time when the next 60 to 90 days could determine the future of this nation on issues like health care and cap and trade.

DeMint also said: “this health care bill would be passed if it was not for people showing up at town halls and tea parties and standing up.”  DeMint told supporters to look at candidates at every level who stand up for free enterprise and stand behind the candidates and to donate money even if its senators in other states like Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania and Tom Coburn in Oklahoma.

Despite the numbers of power against conservatives in the Senate, DeMint said “that the people are a powerful ally.”  DeMint talked about this when he comes back to South Carolina to meet with constituients.  DeMint said that people ask him “what can I do” to win the fight.  Also, DeMint encouraged attendees to visit the Senate Conservatives website and to get behind candidates.

Finally, Senator DeMint told activists to not let up and to continue to attend events like the Defending the American Dream Summit, attend raillies, town halls, and to make their voices heard.

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3 Responses to Senator Jim DeMint honored for his tireless vising of fighting for real American values.

  1. rbrtdowney says:

    and he should be so honored for supporting dudes who use slurs against Jewish people! What a TRUE ‘MERIKAN HERO!

  2. Elle says:

    Let me get this straight. Senator DeMint arbitrarily holds up the confirmation of the Deputy Police Chief at LA Airport, a national expert on air security, who was nominated as the head of the US Transportation Security Administration, NOT because he was not qualified, but because he MIGHT not oppose unionization of TSA workers. And you all think that’s a GOOD thing????? I might add that otherwise, the man might have been in place to stop the attempted bombing of the Christmas flight to Detroit by the Nigerian terrorist.

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