Steve Moore sees a bright outlook for Wisconsin Conservatives in 2010

Steve Moore of the Wall Street Journal

Steve Moore of the Wall Street Journal

From the Marriott Crystal Gateway

ARLINGTON, VA-The North Shore Exponent just interviewed Steve Moore of The Wall Street Journal on the state of what is happening in Wisconsin.  First, Steve Moore is impressed and encouraged of the turnout for tea parties and other grass roots activist events Americans for Prosperity has sponsored this year including over 15,000 people attending in Milwaukee three weeks ago.

Moore also blasted Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate and One Wisconsin Now Director Scot Ross on their vile conduct after the Milwaukee Tea Party, especially with Chairman Tate using racial slurs in a campaign fundraising e-mail days after the tea party.  Moore said: “this is ridiculous that the leader of a major political party engages in conduct that demonizes taxpayers who stand up for what’s right. ”  “Mike Tate needs to stop this conduct or he needs to resign,” stated Moore.  Moore also applauded Republican Party of Wisconsin Chairman Reince Priebus for calling out conduct by Democrats that involves using racial slurs against taxpayers.

Moreover, when asked about the 2010 Governor’s race in Wisconsin, he viewed Scott Walker’s prospects “as encouraging for Wisconsin.”  Moore thinks that the irresponsibility of the Doyle Administration and with Doyle not running for a third term has weakened the power base of the Democrats.   Also, Moore believes that the legislative democrats who introduced new taxes including the corporate combined reporting tax has led to manufacturing jobs lost.  Moore views Walker as the stronger candidate especially with Mark Neumann running in the GOP Primary as Walker has been active and making the case that he can be the candidate who can make Wisconsin a national economic leader.

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