Lee Holloway gets called out big time by Scott Walker, Two County Board Supervisors, and CRG for a Cook County style racial slur towards a taxpayer champion

Today, the North Shore Exponent is happy to hear that there are people calling out County Board Chairman Lee Holloway and condemning his racial slurs towards Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker and CRG Network over the Milwaukee County Budget that stands up for taxpayers.   Here is what these people had to say on Lee Holloway’s racial slurs:

“Your decision to inject race politics into the budget debate was wholly inappropriate and set exactly the wrong tone. Your comments serve to further erode the credibility and trust that the public has in the Milwaukee County Board. We urge you to issue a prompt apology to the County Executive and the people of Milwaukee County for your unfortunate comments and to refrain from similar intemperate remarks in the future.”-Milwaukee County Supervisors Joseph Rice and Joe Sanfelippo

“academically bankrupt, absurd, desperate statements.”-Chris Kilesmet-Chairman CRG Network

County Board Chairman Lee Holloway made some remarkable statements in front of the County Board’s Finance Committee on Monday. His comments about race seem to reflect an abandonment of an argument for an alternative budget from the County Board for a strategy of personal attacks on me.”-Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker

These statements are the sentiments of many who have enough of race card politics being used at any level of politics.  This type of conduct by Lee Holloway would sure make Cook County Board of Commissioners Chairman Todd Stroger or the late Chicago Mayor Ray Bilandic proud.  Holloway has just brought the Chicago-style mob politics up to Milwaukee now because he can’t win the war on taxpayers.

If you are fed up with race card politics in Milwaukee County call Chairman Holloway at 414-278-4222.  Tell him to stop it with the race card politics and start committing to debating for a real budget that does not raise taxes for Milwaukee County.

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