Lee Holloway, the latest example of the race card tactic used by the “racist” Democrats in Wisconsin and their allies.

Milwaukee County Board Chairman Lee HollowayWhat does Milwaukee County Board Chairman Lee Holloway have in common with Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate and One Wisconsin Now Director Scot Ross, they are all guilty as charged of using the race card when they can’t win on the issues.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that now when another political battle is going against Democrats like  Lee Holloway, he falsely accuses Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker of playing what he called “race baiting” and compared him to David Duke.  Also, Holloway had the audacity of accusing CRG Network of what he called “race baiting” because of his image used in campaign mailers.

Lee Holloway said this latest example that already qualifies the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and their left wing special interests as “the party of racism”:

“Walker reminds me of a David Duke – he’s good looking, he’s smooth talking. (Walker) says he’s not part of any race baiting; David Duke says the same thing,”-Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors Chairman Lee Holloway

This is the third latest example recently of prominent liberals in Wisconsin resorting to racial slurs to demonize taxpayers who are fed up with their government and extreme left wing politics.

The liberals love affair with the race card all started the Friday before the Milwaukee Tea Party when One Wisconsin Now labeled the Milwaukee Tea Party attendees as “racists” and called the event “filled with racism”. The Monday after the Milwaukee Tea Party, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate compared Milwaukee Tea Party attendees to members of the KKK in a campaign fundraising e-mail. Now, when the taxpayers are putting the pressure on Lee Holloway, again this is the latest example of the new low of liberals in Wisconsin.  Former Congressman J.C. Watts again is right on his quote saying: “when Democrats can’t win on the issues they will call you a racist or bigot or they will sue you.”

All we know is the hits just keep on coming for liberals in Wisconsin as again there is no place in Wisconsin politics or Milwaukee County politics to resort to using the race card regardless of party affiliation.   Lee Holloway’s use of the race card has already earned the Democrats and their special interests “the party of racists”.

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