Chairman Lee Holloway, be a man, stop being a Chicago thug, and apologize to Scott Walker and Milwaukee County for your racial slur towards Walker

Just today, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors Chairman Lee Holloway said: “I don’t really think (Walker) is a David Duke” but would not retract his comments or apologize to Mr. Walker or the citizens of Milwaukee County. Chairman Holloway said he used this racial slur to reference the County Executive with Citizens for Responsible Government.

Whether it is CRG or not, Chairman Holloway needs to know that his racial slurs towards the Milwaukee County Executive, CRG Network, and the taxpayers of Milwaukee County are not welcome and not tolerated.  Chairman Holloway’s Chicago style thug politics will make it harder for him to work towards a budget that does not raise taxes including the property tax levy.

Chairman Holloway has demonstrated his Chicago-style thug politics in the past by trying to dismantle the Milwaukee County Ethics Board when they levied charges of committing fraud on a Milwaukee social services group.  In addition, Holloway has shown off his thug class by assaulting not one but two county board supervisors who dissented against him in addition to being a shady landlord who has had numerous violations levied against him by the City of Milwaukee.

Holloway’s special interest allies including Chris “Capper” Liebenthal, rank and file union thug extraordinaire should call out on these vile comments.  Again, there is no excuse and no reason to use racial slurs and reference people who stand up for taxpayers to members of the KKK.  The North Shore Exponent will continue to call out on anyone in Wisconsin who uses the race card to demonize taxpayers to win political battles.  Lets have a real debate on what’s right for Milwaukee County, not attacking taxpayers with Chicago style racial slurs.

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