Scott Walker called out on David Duke in 1992, proves Lee Holloway’s racial slurs are narrow and cheap.

As many people are looking at why Lee Holloway compared Scott Walker to David Duke, a young Scott Walker in 1992 according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel called out on David Duke during a Milwaukee Public Television program when Duke ran for President in 1992.

During a 1992 episode of Smith and Company, then State Representative Scott Walker told to David Duke during a televised debate that Duke was not a legitimate candidate for President and should be not placed on the ballot in Wisconsin in 1992 as a Republican.

The Milwaukee County Executive furthered remembered the encounter saying:

“At the last minute, they (MPTV)  switched and put (on) David Duke himself. I argued that he was not legit. At the end of the show, I said that there was no place in the party for guys like Duke and he said, ‘Shame on you, Scott Walker, shame on you. ”-Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker on debating David Duke in 1992.

Before anyone on the left wants to use racial slurs against Scott Walker or any hard working taxpayer they should remember this statement.

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