One Partisan Wisconsin Now spreads more misinformation about AFP-Wisconsin when they can’t win the battle.

Well, One Partisan Wisconsin Now has to again make a mockery to the over 45,000 AFP-Wisconsin members with Al Gore’s visit to Madison.

One Partisan Wisconsin Now said this of Americans for Prosperity:

“Americans for Prosperity’s ‘Republican Rallies for Failure’ offer the people of Wisconsin a buffet of lies from which to choose.”   “Americans for Prosperity’s messages: pollution’s good, health care’s bad and giving billions in tax dollars to billionaires helps the middle class.”-Scot Ross, Executive Director of One Partisan Wisconsin Now

Bull, One Partisan Wisconsin Now has been giving the middle class a buffet full of problems in Wisconsin’s economy.  High middle class taxes that are killing jobs and sending them to Indiana and Texas, the failure of the so-called health care public option known as BadgerCare, and using the Governor’s Task Force on Global Warming to shut down nuclear energy production which would be a much needed shot in the arm to Wisconsin’s ailing economy.

The Facts.

1. Wisconsin’s middle class income tax of 6.5% ($20,440 to $153,280)  and 6.75% ($153, 280 to $225,000) is more than double of what Indiana 3.4%-flat tax and Illinois 3%-flat tax its citizens.  Wisconsin’s rise in the Corporate Combined Reporting Tax has made Wisconsin one of then ten worst places do to do business according to Forbes-3rd worst and the Tax Foundation-8th worst.

2. The Nuclear Moratorium in Wisconsin would have created jobs if it wasn’t for the left stifling in the way.    Heck, even Jim Doyle is for lifting the nuclear moratorium. We need to start thinking a all of the above on energy policy and not just be limited and narrow on energy policy.  Also, Ross and his cronies don’t want to admit that they are advocating for corporate pork and welfare in the Senate version of the Waxman-Markey bill. The left does not want you to know that Wisconsin families will see their WE Energies or MG&E bill skyrocket.

3. Senator Feingold said flat out in September of 2009: “I am not voting for any (cap and trade) bill that has greenhouse gas emission caps.” Also, the junior Senator from Wisconsin admitted that Cap and Trade would damage Wisconsin’s economy.

4. BadgerCare’s failure is by the inaction of a Governor who basically made a small waiting list on BadgerCare when he first approved Badger Care+ and made the waiting list larger now by creating an entitlement crisis.  The Badger Herald had the courage to blast Governor Doyle for allowing a unsustainable plan fail funded by a unstable federal cigarette tax which is now a preview of what could happen if the public option becomes law.

This is a recipe for continued economic disaster

Second, Scot Ross  also had the audacity to say this of AFP-Wisconsin’s success of tea parties:

“These teabaggers’ ‘Republicans Rallies for Failure’ will continue as long as working families enjoy any rights in our democracy, or as long as Americans are able to take at least one breath without coughing up pollution.”

Excuse me, working families are showing up to “tea party” rallies and enjoying their rights to protest protected by the Constitution of the United States of America.  For Ross to claim that Americans for Prosperity is taking away working families rights is nonsense.  The same working families who are at these tea parties are fighting the so-called agenda Ross and his cronies claim that they are fighting for.  With unemployment at its highest rate since 1984 in Wisconsin, One Partisan Wisconsin Now is killing family supporting jobs for working families.

However, the liberals who claimed combined reporting would protect middle class jobs has seen it gone the other way around.  If OPWN cared to read the headlines of jobs moving to Louisiana, Alabama, and Georgia they would wake up to reality slapping them in the face.   Also, no one at the tea parties have complained to me or another other conservative about coughing up pollution especially when 15,000 shown up in Milwaukee and 8,800 in Madison for the two biggest tea parties in 2009.

Lastly, the North Shore Exponent still remembers who started using racial slurs towards taxpayers and that is One Partisan Wisconsin Now the Friday before the Milwaukee Tea Party.  This has now passed onto DPW Chairman Mike Tate and  Milwaukee County Board Chairman Lee HollowayScot Ross was the one who first started the racial slur parade towards taxpayers and its now been a proudly accepted value by liberals in Wisconsin politics. A value Wisconsin will not tolerate at all now or at the polls next year.

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