After last night’s key debate, Bob McDonnell has the clear upper hand for Virginia Governor

Bob McDonnell (R) and Creigh Deeds (D) debate in Virginia.  Photo Courtsey of The Washington Post/AP

Bob McDonnell (R) and Creigh Deeds (D) debate in Virginia. Photo Courtsey of The Washington Post/AP

Last night in Richmond, Virginia, Bob McDonnell shown why he has the commanding lead in the race for Virginia Governor.  With close than 20 days to go before the election, McDonnell  is on his way to becoming the next Governor of Virginia and giving team Obama its first major electoral defeat.

Bob McDonnell in last night’s debate presented himself as a candidate with a plan set in place ready to not just lead Virginia but to lead the conservative resurgence across the nation. Creigh Deeds, the Democratic nominee proved why he has became a big embarrassment for Democrats across the nation.

During the election season, Deeds has set a new, national standard for negative campaigning as the Virginia State Senator used  a graduate school thesis written by McDonnell to attack him on social issues. The attacks have went nowhere and have drawn fire from fellow Democrats in Virginia.   Many newspapers in Virginia have called out on Deeds as one newspaper said: “Deeds and his hired campaign staff, arguably, have reached new lows for campaign negativity in Virginia.”

McDonnell so far has set the standard of what a candidate must do and that is come in with a clear message, vision, and plan in which resonates with the voters and translates into victory.  Bob McDonnell is using creative ideas to solve Virginia’s transportation crisis including selling state-run liquor stores in which would give over $500 billion dollars to widen I-66 and I-95 along with creating a Purple Line Metro to Washington Dulles Airport without raising taxes or cutting education funding. During a earlier debate, McDonnell used a blank piece of paper to demonstrate that the Democrats have no plan to solve Virginia’s transportation problems. Also, McDonnell has been on a positive, straight forward message that sets the example for the conservative movement across the United States.

With most major polls putting McDonnell up seven to ten percentage points, the momentum looks solid for McDonnell.  Also, this is an indication that the Virginia Governor’s race will send a message to the Obama Administration on November 3rd that Virginia has had enough on big spending.  The message would have a ripple effect from the Midwest to the West.

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