Lets face it, the Stimulus has failed Wisconsin miserably.

When looking at yesterday’s news about the stimulus, it has proven that the massive monstrosity of government growth has done nothing to get Wisconsin’s economy out of life support.  Yesterday, the Doyle Administration announced that only 8,284 jobs were created or saved by the stimulus, this is in comparison to the over 130,000 jobs that have left our state.  Also, add on 250 more jobs at the Kohl’s Distribution Center in Menomonee Falls that will move to Illinois this proves that high tax policies and a failed stimulus have put Wisconsin on the wrong track.

In the past year, Wisconsin has seen Harley Davidson, Ashley Furniture, Briggs and Stratton, Gardner Denver, and countless others who have either cut jobs or shipped them to lower tax states like Indiana, Louisiana, Alabama, and Georgia.  While the State of Wisconsin was given $700 million dollars to create 74,000 new jobs using the stimulus, it showed once again that spending does not create jobs  In addition, each job created in the stimulus is already costing Wisconsin taxpayers $82,000 a job.  Economists who testified on the stimulus on Tuesday to the Wisconsin Assembly Jobs and the Economy Committee  said that it will take up to three years for Wisconsin to fully recover under the stimulus.

It shows once again that high taxes in Wisconsin kill jobs.   Since combined reporting was signed into law this year, it has done nothing to keep manufacturing jobs in Wisconsin as we are seeing more jobs leave Wisconsin by the day.

This news furthers arguments that if Wisconsin wants to get serious on job creation, then it must get serious on remaking our tax policies for the better.  First and foremost, our middle class in Wisconsin pays too high of income taxes already.  I have pointed out in previous posts that its a shame our middle class gets taxed double of what Indiana and Illinois taxes their citizens.  For someone making $20,400 which is the first threshold for someone getting 6.5% taken out of their paycheck to the maximum of $134,280, if they got 3 or 3.4 percent more out of their paycheck via a flat tax this is a real stimulus.  This is more money Wisconsin citizens can have in their pockets in which they can help turn around the economy.

Also, we need to repeal combined reporting and the investment taxes passed by the Wisconsin legislature this year and also we need to cut our corporate tax rate across the board so we are competitive with the top fifteen states in the nation.  Wisconsin has the potential to be America’s business leader if we enact the right policies that will move Wisconsin forward.

Yesterday’s news shows why the pocketbook and the economy are the top two issues in 2010.  This further shows that sobering news like in Wisconsin will be motivating voters in New Jersey and Virginia on November 3rd on behalf of Wisconsin citizens to tell Team Obama, it is time to put the brakes on runaway spending.

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7 Responses to Lets face it, the Stimulus has failed Wisconsin miserably.

  1. alexhiggins732 says:

    The Star Ledger’s endorsement of Chris Daggett is great news. I wish the republicans would stop the Bush/Rove Fear mongering. There is obviously a consensus that a vote for Daggett is not a vote for Corzine, except among those who use mass psychological terror to promote their own agendas.

    Daggett is the only viable candidate and there are many of this who are voting for him because we know he can win and is the only candidate who can change this state. The Star Ledger’s endorsement echoes and re-affirms that Daggett is a viable candidate and can win.

    Facts are facts and I don’t know how you can ignore them.

    Furthermore, Daggett is now polling at 18% and there even rumors on that NYC Mayor Micheal Bloomberg will endorse Daggett. If Still think Daggett Can’t win then read this to find out why your wrong. 11 Years ago Jesse Ventura was polling in the low teens, much lower than Daggett just three weeks before the election and he won.

    I say no to Chris Christie because

    The Chris Christie mafia connections.
    Christie’s multiple multi-million dollar bribe scandals.
    Illegal campaign finance by Christie and Corzine.
    Voting for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil.
    The Chris Christie style of justice..

    I can go on and on about both Chris Christie and Jon Corzine. The skyrocketing cost of living, the Exodus of jobs, residents, business and income from the state, corrupt politicians from my local municipality, to the county court house, to Trenton all the way to Washington.

    That’s why I refuse to vote Corzine or Christie. I am Voting Chris Daggett and so should you

    Only voter’s have the power to change the government. We must refuse to be held captive to the broken two-party system that has brought a plaque of scandal and corruption into our government by fear of voting for a third party. Its time to send a message to politicians in NJ and all across the country. Its time to end politics as usual.

    Even if your not from NJ you can still cyber volunteer.

    Help spread the word about Daggett
    Click here for Web 2.0 buttons and HTML code to post on the web or in an email promote Daggett

  2. Zach W. says:

    Kyle, did you read the Journal Sentinel’s article regarding the Kohl’s distribution center? I’m betting you didn’t, because the folks from Kohl’s made it clear their move was all about the fact that the distribution center in Menomonee Falls was simply too small and couldn’t be expanded due to its location. Further, your argument that Kohl’s moved the center because of Wisconsin’s high tax policies seems kind of odd, considering Illinois isn’t exactly known as a bastion of low taxes.

    But hey, nice try!

  3. capper says:

    If the stimulus is a failure, why is Scott Walker relying on it so heavily?

    • Kyle Maichle says:

      Capper, you got to remember it was your buddies on the county board that used the power of a joint resolution to force Walker on the Stimulus. Despite Walker vetoed, your buddies that resemble the Cook County Board in Chicago over-rode the veto. Keep those facts in mind before you accuse Scott Waloker of being a flip flop. You just love the fact the County Board in Milwaukee can be equally as arrogant as Cook County’s which makes Todd Stroger abnd Mayor Daley proud.

      • capper says:

        You are so droll. And so wrong.

        So, the Board acted on their authority to create policy, and showed that Walker again was overstepping his authority.

        How do you explain the fact that Walker was bragging about using the stimulus money that he opposed?

  4. alexhiggins732 says:

    Regardless of who Chris Daggett hurts, Daggett is not a spoiler and he can win.

    Daggett has broken 20 percent and can win. The Washington Post says at 20% there is a path for Daggett to win and political analysts say with 25% in the polls Daggett can win.

    Now its a matter of getting that last 100,000 votes to get Daggett in a position to win.

    To do that we are reaching out to voters that want to Vote for Daggett but are afraid a vote for Daggett is a wasted vote. So…

    The I’ll vote for Daggett Pledge:

    “I want to vote for Chris Daggett, but only if he has a real chance of winning. He needs pledges from 100,000 people like me. I don’t want to wait til Election Day to find out that those votes existed, but we were all afraid to cast them. So, I’m signing my name below, with my address to prove that I’m real, and pledging that if 100,000 people like me sign up, I will vote for Daggett.”

    Take the I’ll Vote For Daggett Pledge Here

    Spread the word about this pledge, so we can bring an end to politics as usual.

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