Rep. Steve Nass begins expulsion process on WI Representative Jeff Wood

Yesterday, Wisconsin Representative Steve Nass (R-31st District) released a resolution to expel Jeff Wood from the Wisconsin State Assembly.   When I read the resolution, the evidence is more compelling to expel Wood.  The writing is on the wall for being arrested for four DUI’s, being convicted of sexual misconduct with a minor, and voting for tougher drunk driving laws while he is being tried for third and fourth offense DUI that will send him to jail if he is convicted.  This type of conduct does warrant his expulsion because the image of the Wisconsin State Assembly will be stained until he gets expelled.   Its about time Wood faces the music.

Also, if he gets expelled, there will be a special election for his seat and no gubernatorial appointment funny business like in Illinois.

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One Response to Rep. Steve Nass begins expulsion process on WI Representative Jeff Wood

  1. someonewhocares says:

    I don’t think what Rep. Wood did was something he should be proud of, however what he does on his off time should be his business…we set that presidence when we allowed Pre. Clinton to get away with what he did and remain in office. I also think that before REP. Nass starts thowing spears at his piers he should rememeber he also is not as squeeky clean as he would like everyone to think…I believe in his past he has rolled a car or two under the influence and got out of it becasue his dad was a cop for Whitewater at the time…granted he wasn’t a Represenitive then but everyone has crosses to bear, maybe they shoudl make a motion to get the man some help!

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