Chris “Capper” Liebenthal’s bad day times two.

Milwaukee County First and union thug extraordinaire Chris “Capper” Liebenthal perhaps had their worst day of the whole Milwaukee County budget battle yesterday as not just one but two major victories happened for Scott Walker and for a budget that does not raise our property taxes.

First, the Milwaukee County Board voted down all major labor union contracts on a wide, resounding margin in which sent a message to Liebenthal and his cronies to start tightening their belts further like the rest of us do.  The County Board’s 11-6 vote on all tentative contracts is slapping union thugs with the reality that they cannot live on the unsustainable salary and benefits that cannot be afforded in the private sector.

Also to make matters worse for Libenthal and his thug troop, Scott Walker’s leadership allowed Milwaukee County Parks to win the gold medal for National Excellence in parks and recreation management. These are two signs that Walker’s budget is gaining serious clout.  When that bus rapid transit line gets approved by the Milwaukee County Board, it will prove that Scott Walker is leading Milwaukee County on critical issues long before Tom Barrett could fall on the ball to make something happen.

In political terms, lightning does strike twice, and Liebenthal and his cronies lost serious momentum on the budget yesterday.

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10 Responses to Chris “Capper” Liebenthal’s bad day times two.

  1. Fred says:

    Amazing really that Milwaukee County First did not praise the National excellence award the parks won. I thought they were non-partisan.

    • Kyle Maichle says:

      They have never posted anything on their blog about the National Excellence Award. They worry more on handouts from Madison for the Estabrook dam when Walker vetoes the handouts.

  2. Waukesha says:

    This so called award was for a 12 min video and one copy of a master plan.

    I was a commercial for the Parks Director, no more no less….

    • Kyle Maichle says:

      You have to understand its just more than a 12 minute video and a master plan. It takes a lot of execution and a lot of hard work to be the best and to win the gold medal.

  3. Waukesha says:

    I know AND understand the back story Kyle.

    Maybe you can find out how much the trip to Utah for the “posse” cost. Other costs were buried in student intern stimulus money…

    The truth is out there Kyle.

  4. capper says:

    Wow, you are silly.

    BTW, the Board just reversed and denied privatization of the IT people, the housekeepers and security.

    And for the video, I doubt that they included the $300 million (yes, that is million) in neglected maintenance.

    No wonder Fred likes you so much.

    • Kyle Maichle says:

      Capper, before you pass the $300 million dollar figure along on the parks, take a look at how much strain the excessive wages and benefits do to the normal taxpayers. Just hop on that train down to Chicago and see how the legacy costs including paying not just the wages and benefits for workers, but retireees. That is bankrupting the City of Chicago, Cook County, The Chicago Transit Authority, Metra, and the Chicago RTA. If you follow that same path, Milwaukee County will be as equally as bankrupt as Cook County.

  5. capper says:

    That is especially true when you consider the hundreds of thousands of dollars Walker gave to his cronies over the past year.

    It is only made worse by Walker’s refusal to think outside of his mean-spirited and myopic ideology.

    Maybe you should go back to blogging school.

    • Kyle Maichle says:

      Now how you will complain when Max Baucus taxes your cadillac health care plan to death when the bad Baucus bill becomes law. How will fellow co-workers think when that happens? You won’t blame Scott Walker for that.

  6. capper says:

    Actually, it will save me, and you, taxes, since we will be on the nationalized health care plan.

    It could do even more if the Republicans weren’t so deep into the pockets of the insurance companies’ lobbyists.

    Now, are you going to complain about lower taxes?

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