Virginia and New Jersey Governor’s Race Predictions

It getting closer to one of the most critical odd-year Governor’s elections in US history. The 2009 Governor’s elections simply stated is a referendum on Team Obama and his policies.

Bob McDonnell (R-Virginia)

Bob McDonnell (R-Virginia)

Virginia-McDonnell makes it academic on Deeds by 12 points

Virginia is going to be a statement win for the conservatives as Bob McDonnell will win by 12 percentage points. McDonnell has set the standard for conservative candidates during this election with a broad reaching plan and a positive message. Creigh Deeds will see that his negative and baseless attacks towards McDonnell on his graduate school thesis and certain issues shows that the Deeds has been a major embarrassment to the DNC. Deeds also is going to lose because he lacks a plan on key issues like transportation and his campaign simply lacked a message. A McDonnell win will show that the conservatives are back and his win will set the standard for other Republican candidates in 2010. Final Result-McDonnell 57%-Deeds 43%.

Chris Christie (R-New Jersey)

Chris Christie (R-New Jersey)

New Jersey-Christie just squeaks it out by 4 points.

New Jersey is a close race and it should of have been over, but because of Chris Christie’s lack of discipline on the campaign trail along with the third party Daggett factor is a big reason why the race is getting hot. Chris Christie may have not realized he faced serious opposition in the Republican Primary against Steve Lonegan despite he won the race 56 to 42. There are so many issues that are affecting the quality of life in New Jersey that has taken down the status of a once proud state. The only reason why Corzine is in the race is because of the gift of the Daggett candidacy. However, the polls show only 4 in 10 voters are committed to Daggett . Those people that are uncommitted to Daggett are going to vote Christie and therefore the final result is going to be 45 percent for Christie, 41 percent for Corzine, and 14 percent for Daggett which would be a good showing for a third party candidate.

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2 Responses to Virginia and New Jersey Governor’s Race Predictions

  1. The+%3cb%3eStar+Ledger’s+endorsement+of+Chris+Daggett%3c%2fb%3e+is+great+news.+I+wish+the+republicans+would+stop+the+Bush%2fRove+Fear+mongering.+There+is+obviously+a+consensus+that+a+vote+for+Daggett+is+not+a+vote+for+Corzine%2c+except+among+those+who+use+mass+psychological+terror+to+promote+their+own+agendas.%3cbr+%2f%3e%0d%0a%3cbr+%2f%3e%0d%0a%3cb%3eDaggett+is+the+only+viable+candidate%3c%2fb%3e+and+there+are+many+of+this+who+are+voting+for+him+because+we+know+he+can+win+and+is+the+only+candidate+who+can+change+this+state.+%3cb%3eThe+Star+Ledger’s+endorsement+echoes+and+re-affirms+that+Daggett+is+a+viable+candidate+and+can+win%3c%2fb%3e.%3cbr+%2f%3e%0d%0a%3cbr+%2f%3e%0d%0aFacts+are+facts+and+I+don’’’s+corrupt+style+of+justice%22%3e%3cb%3eThe+Chris+Christie+style+of+justice.%3c%2fb%3e%3c%2fa%3e.%3cbr+%2f%3e%0d%0a%3cbr+%2f%3e%0d%0a%3cbr+%2f%3e%0d%0aI+can+go+on+and+on+about+both+Chris+Christie+and+Jon+Corzine.+The+%3cb%3eskyrocketing+cost+of+living%3c%2fb%3e%2c+the+%3cb%3eExodus+of+jobs%2c+residents%2c+business+and+income%3c%2fb%3e+from+the+state%2c+%3cb%3ecorrupt+politicians%3c%2fb%3e+from+my+local+municipality%2c+to+the+county+court+house%2c+to+Trenton+all+the+way+to+Washington.%3cbr+%2f%3e%0d%0a%3cbr+%2f%3e%0d%0a%3cb%3eThat’s+why+I+refuse+to+vote+Corzine+or+Christie.+I+am+Voting+Chris+Daggett+and+so+should+you%3c%2fb%3e%3cbr+%2f%3e%0d%0a%3cbr+%2f%3e%0d%0a%3cb%3eOnly+voter’s+have+the+power+to+change+the+government%3c%2fb%3e.+We+must+refuse+to+be+held+captive+to+the+broken+two-party+system+that+has+brought+a+plaque+of+scandal+and+corruption+into+our+government+by+fear+of+voting+for+a+third+party.+Its+time+to+send+a+message+to+politicians+in+NJ+and+all+across+the+country.+%3cb%3eIts+time+to+end+politics+as+usual%3c%2fb%3e.%3cbr+%2f%3e%0d%0a%3cbr+%2f%3e%0d%0aEven+if+you

  2. Doug Malott says:

    Of course the media is going to down play these big
    Republican wins as being a local thing. In reality it is a big slap in the face to Obama especially in VA.
    If he thinks these are no big deal wait until 2010. It will be the biggest Democratic defeat since Clinton’s first term losses. The people don’t like his policies.
    Period. Now they can do some real damage and you’ll see it tomorrow. Can’t wait to see how Mr. Magic and his band of blind media types try to spin this mess.

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