Capital Times is all wrong on bashing term limits in Wisconsin.

John Nichols of The Capital Times has basically dismissed term limits and this time we need to call out the ultra-liberal newspaper for standing in the way of this important government reform.  Nichols column on term limits is basically all nothing but a partisan left wing rant to maintain the status quo in Madison.

First and foremost, Wisconsin needs to have term limits to help get the legislature in the first step back towards a citizen legislature like it is done in a handful of other states.  Nichols of the Cap Times claim “term limits take away options” and also rants further by stating: “they deny voters the right to elect the legislators they want and create a false political dynamic that actually empowers career staffers and lobbyists.”

Excuse me, what is creating a false political dynamic is the self serving prophecy of career politicians like Marlin Schneider, Spencer Coggs, Bob Jauch, and Annette Polly Williams.  What The Capital Times wants to advocate for is to keep these entrenched career politicians in Madison who basically become dead weight, nanny state politicians after serving a long while in the legislature.  Christian Schneider at Wisconsin Policy Research Institute is correct to point out in his study that career-level legislators beyond twelve years introduce less legislation or basically introduce bad legislation the State doesn’t need.

A good example of why we need term limits is Peggy Krusick who has been in office for over two decades.  However, her Republican challenger in 2008 took her to task over introducing one piece of legislation in the past two legislative sessions which was about gift cards in 2007.   Another example is Spencer Coggs, Coggs has had the family name to protect him in office during his long tenure in the legislature putting him in the same camp like Emil Jones in Illinois.  Coggs is a  Senator in which every legislative session he is only active on one issue and profits off his career-level salary.   Every time I go to the State Capitol and stop at Starbucks for a coffee, I mostly see the Fred Risser’s and the Spencer Coggs killing time having coffee while they could produce real legislation and listen to their constituents.  These examples is what Nichols should go after.  Besides, our legislators are some of the highest paid in the nation as term limits could also be another intangible that prevents the Judy Robson’s of the world from abusing that $88 dollar a day per diem privilege.

Some people may like Illinois Governor candidate Bill Brady’s plan for term limits in which if someone is well liked in their district, they can wait after 6 years to run again.  I may disagree that Governor and Attorney General is limited to three terms and should be limited to two, but Brady’s thought out reform is a start for Illinois.  Scott Walker is for term limits and right now there could be a second term limits wave coming to Wisconsin with the disgust toward the Democratic-controlled legislature.

When I talked to my good friend Paul Jacob who is a nationally known term limits and citizen initiative advocate, he slammed The Capital Times eighth grade rant on term limits and is planning to chastise The Cap Times  and liberal hacks in his daily Common Sense column published by the Citizens in Charge Foundation in a upcoming edition.  My advice to Nichols, stop coddling with career-level, corrupt politicians like Mark Pocan and Fred Risser, stop giving paid hacks like Mike Tate a free pass on the lack of government reform in Madison, and start smelling the coffee on term limits.  This shows why Nichols is another over-paid liberal hack.

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