Join North Shore Exponent for some upcoming major events.

The week of November 2 and 3 will be big as the North Shore Exponent will be covering two major events.

Since the North Shore Exponent got an I-Phone with the WordPress application, it will deliver more live coverage of key events.

November 2nd-Milwaukee County Budget Public Hearing-The North Shore Exponent will cover the Milwaukee County Budget public hearing which will be a key event for Wisconsin Governor Candidate Scott Walker.  Join us from Washington Park Senior Center in Milwaukee for the twists, turns, and emotions of this key hearing.  With Scott Walker gaining ground on what could be his last Milwaukee County budget, what could it mean for key provisions for his budget as he is gaining clout while the county labor unions are losing momentum.  The hearing will happen at 7PM-CDT on November 2nd.

November 3rd-New Jersey and Virginia elections. This date may only happen in two states, but people in 48 other states will have their collective sights on the Governor’s elections in New Jersey and Virginia.  We will have live coverage of the elections returns in both the Garden State and in the Commonwealth of Old Dominion.  Could this election mean a upcoming day of reckoning for the DNC in 2010?  As a nation waits and sees, we will not just report the results, but analyze the impact of these results.  We will start our election Coverage at 6:30 PM-EDT/3:3o PM-PDT as Virginia will first close their polls at 7PM-EDT.  We will continue on with New Jersey as they will close their polls at 8PM-EDT.    The coverage keeps going until we have a winner in both states.

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One Response to Join North Shore Exponent for some upcoming major events.

  1. alexhiggins732 says:

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