Jasper Howard’s death reminds us how fragile life is

Jasper Howard 1989-2009

Jasper Howard 1989-2009

This is time to take some diversion and comment about the senseless tragedy of Connecticut Huskies football star Jasper Howard who senselessly lost his life in a senseless stabbing at a campus dance.  This was after Howard helped lead UConn to a big win over the weekend against Louisville.

A death like this doesn’t just hit hard to UConn it hits hard beyond conferences as Wisconsin and many other teams are feeling the impact of his sudden loss.  Sometimes, when a thing like this happens it does not matter if you root for the Badgers, you pull for UConn in this tough time regardless for who you cheer for.  As the Badgers have a bye week this weekend, lets pull for the Huskies as they have a tough task against West Virginia.  This weekend, any fan regardless on who they cheer for will put UConn first before rooting for their team.

This unfortunate event made me remember about some the great friendships I had with great people on the Badgers football team during my five years in Madison.  It made me realize how fortunate I am to know great people like Taylor Mehlhaff, Tyler Donovan, Kraig Urbik, and the countless others who helped me enjoy one of the best experiences in my life.   When a senseless event like what happened to Howard, it makes you think about the proper perspective on life.

On behalf of all Wisconsin Badgers fans in Wisconsin and across Badger Nation,  my thoughts and prayers are with UConn football family and its fans in its difficult time.  May the Huskies find comfort in this tough time and use the game to help the move through this senseless tragedy.  Lastly, may the legal system in Connecticut plays its course in rendering the proper justice to be served to whoever committed this senseless act.   May God be with Husky Nation.

Kyle Maichle

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Class of 2008

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