Jim Doyle shopping for a better Governor candidate shows that Wisconsin may have another Virginia on its hands in 2010

BizTimes.com reported today according to some key Democrat party insiders that Tom Barrett is leaning towards not running for Governor. However, the same article is saying that Governor Doyle is shopping for a better candidate to challenge Barbara Lawton.  What this brings up that right now the Democrats are relegated to a candidate that is perhaps equally or worst than Creigh Deeds of Virginia.   Deeds who won the Democratic nomination against Terry McAullife and Bryan Moran has basically had a lackluster campaign that has rendered the DNC to a new national political laughing stock.

When you see in the article that Governor Doyle is shopping for a better candidate it proves that the DPW has put a very lack-luster candidate right now on the top of the ticket.  However, anything can happen and someone may challenge Lawton in a contested primary.  Some Democratic insiders however are impressed with Lawton as their top of the ticket candidate while some are worried in the party that the White House may have to settle with a lackluster, Creigh Deeds-style candidate that could hurt Obama’s fundraising efforts towards the Democrats in Wisconsin. One Democratic insider who wished to not idenitfy himself said: “Doyle is shopping for another candidate. He does not think Lawton can win. I know he is. I’m aware that the governor is out there recruiting candidates.”

As Scott Walker has the infrastructure and the money to wage a winning campaign, Evan Zeppos a prominent Wisconsin Democrat activist said that Lawton does not have the financial advantages of what Scott Walker has right now.  If this continues, the race for Governor in Wisconsin next year will resemble a lot like Virginia’s in which Scott Walker who emulates the new conservative leader Bob McDonnell could just basically thump Lawton like a rented version of Creigh “”Dirty Deeds” done dirt cheap.   Scott Walker ain’t no Chris Christie and right now the same party chairman, Mike Tate who promised to knock anyone standing in his way is perhaps seeing that the race for Governor is not easy as he thought. Both parties are making Wisconsin a top priority with the expectation lot of money will be spent in the race at the tune of close to $8 million.  However, independent voters in a hypothetical Walker-Lawton match-up could easily connect Lawton to Doyle.  This means that the millions the DNC could spend in Wisconsin could be rendered as wasted resources with the DNC wasting loads of cash in Virginia right now towards a failed candidate. With many independent voters who were not happy with Jim Doyle, the same amount of independents could rally for Walker.

Get ready for a Virginia sequel in Wisconsin next year as basically a new storm in the Midwest is brewing for the RNC.

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3 Responses to Jim Doyle shopping for a better Governor candidate shows that Wisconsin may have another Virginia on its hands in 2010

  1. Zach W. says:

    Hi Kyle. Have you ever thought that maybe Jim Doyle is “shopping” for a better candidate because he never really cared for Barb Lawton? She wasn’t Doyle’s choice for Lt. Governor, so it’s not that shocking that he’s not actively in her corner.

    What’s more, comparing Wisconsin to Virginia is like comparing apples and oranges, because I’m willing to bet the Virginia race would be much different if the incumbent governor hadn’t been term-limited out of office.

    • Kyle Maichle says:

      Zach, even if Tim Kaine ran for Governor, he would still had a tough road against Bob McDonnell. Tim Kaine had problems with the state budget and not coming with a smart solution for Northern Virginia’s transportation problems. Bob McDonnell has set a new standard for conservative candidates across the US in this election. Besides, Bob McDonnell is going to sell Virginia ABC liquor stores and use off shore drilling proceeds to fund I-66 and I-95 reconstruction and yes have a purple line DC Metro to Dulles.

      On comparing to Wisconsin to Virginia, here is why:

      1. Open Seat 2. Obama’s approval rating in both states is less than 50 percent according to SurveyUSA which is the most accurate polling firm in the nation. They back it up on its website. 3. The possible Walker-Lawton match-up sounds more like another McDonnell-Deeds matchup. Weak to knees Dem v. strong conservative.

      However, WI is a pure purple state, VA is purple to red. Also, did you read today’s Washington Post on-line Zach that officially reported Obama has thrown Creigh Deeds under the bus?

      The DNC ‘s poor showing in VA will be rendered as a serious failure.

      One more thing, be happy we can all drink our beer in freedom in WI as WI is not an ABC state like Virginia (Alcohol and Beverage Control).

    • Kyle Maichle says:

      Here is the article from the Washington Post that describes the whole mess for the DNC in Virginia:


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