Major defeat for Team Obama imminent in Virginia as McDonnell is making it academic on Deeds.

Bob McDonnell (R-Virginia)

Bob McDonnell (R-Virginia)

Yesterday, a new poll on the Virginia Governor’s race commissioned by WVEC-TV and The Virginan Pilot has Bob McDonnell up by 14 points over Democrat State Senator Creigh Deeds with less than two weeks to go before the election.  The poll has McDonnell up fourteen, joining a concurrence of polls including SurveyUSA, Rasmussen, and Mason Dixon that are showing that McDonnell is just about to give Team Obama a crushing defeat.   According to  RealClearPolitics, McDonnell is averaging a lead of over nine and a half percentage points out of all polls showing that a crushing defeat for the Democrats is likely to happen.

Despite The Virginan Pilot poll has a large number of undecideds, it would not sway the campaign one way or the other as right now McDonnell is campaigning very disciplined and very focused right now.  His discipline on the campaign trial will be paying off big dividends on election day.  The lack of discipline and message out of the Deeds campaign despite the infusion of money from the DNC will not do anything to switch the race as a clear majority of Virginans in the Virginan Pilot poll remained committed to McDonnell despite Deeds may use the 1989 graduate school thesis McDonnell wrote to attempt to score last second points.

If there is one thing to take home and bring to next year’s governors elections, it is the pocketbook that will dominate the 2010 elections not social issues.

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