Bob McDonnell in final debate shows why he is in command to win Virginia Governor

Bob McDonnell and Creigh Deeds after last Governor's debate in Salem. VA

Bob McDonnell and Creigh Deeds after last Governor's debate in Salem. VA

Last night in Salem, Virginia in the last televised debate before the Virginia Governor’s election, Bob McDonnell showed why he has a commanding lead against Democrat nominee Creigh Deeds.  Creigh Deeds who has been lackluster on the campaign trail so far was really lackluster in the debate.  The moderator of the debate that was sponsored by WSLS-TV in Roanoke even ripped on the embarrassing Democratic nominee for misrepresenting Bob McDonnell’s record during the debate.

During the debate, it showed that once again Creigh Deeds has no vision to help Virginia’s transportation problems and Deeds was flustered when his written support for the Cap and Trade bill came back to haunt him. McDonnell was the other way around highlighting his plan to fund critical transportation projects without raising taxes like selling ABC stores and using offshore drilling proceeds.  Also, McDonnell introduced the sixty-five cent solution to funding education in the classroom in which sixty-five cents out of every dollar in Virginia spent on education goes to the classroom.

Lastly, when Deeds was asked about the 1989 graduate school thesis that McDonnell wrote, Deeds again went off base to use as a claim according to the State Senator that McDonnell never wrote a bill.  However, the facts proved when Bob McDonnell was in the Virginia House of Delegates, over eighty percent of his legislative proposals passed.

The debate showed why McDonnell has a commanding lead on Creigh Deeds and why Democrats across the nation are fearing that November 3, 2009 is going to be their first day of reckoning.  This is noted by the latest polls showing that a major defeat is imminent in Virginia for Team Obama.

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