Doesn’t Milwaukee County First understand how three branches of state government work?

Today Chris “Capper” Liebenthal and his special interest pals at  Milwaukee County First issued a press release titled “Equality Coming to Milwaukee County”.  The press release issued by the group described that County Supervisors Chris Larson and Marina Dimitrijevic are planning to issue a resolution to the Milwaukee County Board to extend domestic partner benefits to Milwaukee County.

However, what the union-front group doesn’t understand that legality of the Domestic partner benefits are being reviewed by the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  How the state’s highest court could rule in the November 3rd oral arguments of McConkey v. Wisconsin and the seperate case involving the Domestic Partner Registry could basically nullify the resolution being introduced.

Milwaukee County First has ignored what is being debated in the state’s highest courts.  Both Supervisors Dimitrijevic and Larson should drop the resolution until the State Supreme Court makes a decision.  If the court rules in favor of the state in the McConkey case or for Alliance Defense Fund in the separate domestic partner registry case, the resolution being introduced by the two supervisors would be nullified.

This brings up one thing, doesn’t Milwaukee County First understand how three branches of state government works?   If they ignore the impact of the decisions of the state’s highest court, then they sure don’t know how the other two branches work.

This is why Milwaukee County Executive  Scott Walker should veto the resolution if approved by the County Board.  Because the precedence of the resolution’s legality is at question pending the decisions of the Wisconsin State Supreme Court, Walker should not fall for the head fake by Milwaukee County First.

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6 Responses to Doesn’t Milwaukee County First understand how three branches of state government work?

  1. grumps says:

    Your conclusion does not follow from your premise, Kyle and MCF is only reporting on what’s being done. They don’t really control anything in Milwaukee County. You seem to be confused about how it works.

    Just because something is being questioned by a lawsuit doesn’t mean that related propositions can’t be brought forward.

    Your opposition to the proposal doesn’t lay any blame to MCF whatsoever.

    • Kyle Maichle says:

      What I am exposing is that a special interest ally arm to Lee Holloway is trying to force a resolution pending a major state supreme court decision that could impact thousands of Wisconsinites. What I accused MCF of is failing to take into account that a decision the state supreme court makes over the legality of marriage has a far-reaching precedence like the US Supreme Court. This why I posed the question, don’t they know how three branches of WI State government works.

      If Milwaukee County First were Virginia, they would be so happy to pass a resolution like this because Virginia’s power is more concentrated in the legislative branch. They would not have to worry about the judicial branch striking down a key decision that would nullify a resolution.

      MCF can spin it and report what they want, but what I am doing is I am trying to expose a political power grab because MCF is desperate on this budget.

  2. capper says:

    Um, no, junior, you’re not doing any such thing.

    All you are doing is showing that you have no literacy skills and that you are a bigot.

    The resolution, if you bothered to read the post, shows that this is just the initial step for a review. This is not to pass the resolution. Yet.

    In the words of Chris Larson, which you obviously did not read:

    “Passage of the resolution this cycle is simply to push for a further study of what the impact will be if Milwaukee County does allow health coverage to domestic partners of eligible Milwaukee County employees. After being reviewed, it would come before the Personnel Committee and the full Board for final approval. I hope that you will vote with me for this first step toward equality in our County.”

    I sure hope you didn’t pay for those blogging camps, because if you did, you got ripped off.

    • Kyle Maichle says:


      To call me a bigot is over the top. You and Supervisor Larson are ignoring possible set precedence that could derail the resolution on November 3rd when McConkey v. Wisconsin is having oral arguments in front of the WI Supreme Court. It will take some time render a decision, but if Larson’s resolution is preliminary, he should set it aside until the court makes its ruling. That is what I was sounding the alarm over. Trust me, its more macro and concrete on the resolution over micro.

      Besides, you would be impressed with the Virginia and New Jersey Governor’s race coverage I am providing. Your guys are clinging on to dear life in the Garden State, while right now the guy I am have donated to Bob McDonnell is making it academic on Creigh Deeds in VA. McDonnell is up 12-19 in VA, and basically it proves money can’t buy new jobs.

  3. Zach W. says:

    Kyle, I have yet to be impressed with anything you’ve written here. Putting aside the fact that you’re in sore need of a copy editor, you seem to have a hard time grasping anything outside of the talking points you’ve been spoon-fed by talk radio and the folks at blog camp.

  4. capper says:

    Now why in the world do you think I give two hoots about a governors race 1,000 miles from here, when I am up to my eyebrows in work trying to keep Walker from ruining our own corner of the world?

    Or is that simply your way of stating that you have no clue as to what you are doing here, and need further remedial blogging camp training, i.e. brainwashing.

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