Speaker Mike Sheridan needs to stop political games and move forward to expelling Rep. Jeff Wood

WI Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan

WI Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan

The question is to Speaker Sheridan, how many more arrests Jeff Wood will have for OWI until he moves towards expelling the disgraced representative? Well five arrests for OWI should be alarming, especially with the Representative is now officially charged with bail jumping in connection to the conditions of his bail for his third arrest.

Speaker Sheridan has been talking tough on drunk driving reform, but he has been really been trying to give the disgraced Representative a double standard by sticking up for Wood.  This comes when a colleague of Wood, Rep. Steve Nass (R-Whitewater, 31st District) introduced a resolution to expel him. Last week, it was noted that Speaker Sheridan was reluctant towards expelling Jeff Wood calling this a “pandora’s box” situation. Now with the shocking news of Wood’s fifth DUI arrest, this nonsense logic by the Wisconsin Assembly Speaker needs to stop for the good of Wisconsin and for the Legislature.

Speaker Sheridan needs to stop pandering to his party and kick it in high gear

State Rep. Jeff Wood

State Rep. Jeff Wood

to get rid of Rep. Jeff Wood once and for all.  This time the evidence is clear and convincing that Rep. Wood’s conduct is detrimental to the Wisconsin State Assembly.  Rep. Steve Nass is correct that the Wisconsin people will not tolerate a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly who is a threat to public safety. There is no so-called “pandora’s box” to this situation,  Speaker.   The evidence is right in front of the  eyes of the Assembly Speaker.   Sheridan needs to wake up and smell the coffee on this or if he wants to still give Wood a free pass,  Sheridan will be rendered as another corrupt hack in the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.   The same class of corrupt politicians and party leaders including Mark Pocan, Mike Tate, and Jim Sullivan who don’t give a damn about ethics or honor.

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2 Responses to Speaker Mike Sheridan needs to stop political games and move forward to expelling Rep. Jeff Wood

  1. grumps says:

    Do you then believe that Nass should be expelled for cheating on his mileage reports? Should he be expelled for fathering a child out of wedlock?

    Which moral outrages should the Speaker bring charges on? There’s your Pandora’s Box, Kyle. Mike Sheridan is protecting Steve Nass from the approbation of his colleagues.

    Wood needs to go, make no mistake. But it’s up to his constituents to show him the door if he doesn’t have the decency to resign. It’s not up to the Assembly.

    • Kyle Maichle says:

      Your comment is so full of nonsense, what you don’t understand is Wood is a menace to public safety. However, the issue is more sooner than later in which Wood needs to be expelled. There is a recall process that 20 some other states have to get rid of officials and there is a process for expulsion. If there is a recall, there needs to be 6,700 signatures filed in order to force a recall.

      Also, your statement that Sheridan is trying to protect Nass is nonsense. Mike Sheridan has a ally in Mark Pocan to protect Jeff Wood. Mike Sheridan said he is tough on drunken driving, but he gives Jeff Wood different treatment. What you fail to understand is that Sheridan is promoting a double standard. A double standard that protecting his political cover comes first to satisfy party bosses over serving the people and getting rid of someone who is truly a disgrace to the institution of the Wisconsin Assembly.

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