Even Creigh Deeds can’t hide that a Democratic-slanted polling firm shows him in big trouble.

SurveyUSA, The Virginian Pilot, Rasmussen, and yes Democratic-slanted Public Policy Polling shows that Creigh Deeds is in serious trouble. The evidence is clear cut that McDonnell is going to render the DNC a serious defeat in Virginia.

The DNC has spent millions of dollars hoping to capitalize off of the momentum of winning Virginia in the 2008 Presidential election.  However, the polls are showing that the wasted millions by the DNC and labor unions along with the lack of message from Creigh Deeds is why this election will be a serious failure for the DNC.

Even if the Dems are lucky to pull it off in New Jersey, this election will be a big failure for the DNC because they have proven they cannot carry sustained momentum in a purple to red state like Virginia.  This will also spell bad news for the Democrats in states like Wisconsin that will have the similar dynamics of the the Virginia Governor’s race in 2010.  Wisconsin is different from Virginia because the Badger State is a pure purple state evidenced by close presidential elections over the last twenty years.    Wisconsin is similar to the Commonwealth that the race is a open seat along with Obama’s approval rating in Wisconsin and the Commonwealth according to Survey USA is below fifty percent.

The BizTimes of Southeast Wisconsin has reported earlier in the week that the DNC was planning to pour a lot of money into Wisconsin for 2010 at the reported rate of $8 million. However, state party leaders like Mike Tate of Wisconsin who think that money and dirty attack ads will buy the race for the governor’s mansion will have another thing coming when they see the results out of Virginia on November 3rd.   Maybe they should learn a lesson from Creigh Deeds who has already proven in Virginia that money and personal attacks don’t buy elections.  What has been proven is that candidates that have a plan to lead their states out of the recession will win in 2010.  This is already been evidenced by Bob McDonnell’s solid, conservative campaign for conservative change that is putting him in position to win.

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