Jeff Wood’s response to 5th arrest not good enough, the sooner he is expelled, the better.

Jeff Wood Mug Shot Today, WisPolitics reported that Rep. Jeff Wood will not seek re-election.  However, this is not good enough for the people of the 67th Assembly District in Wisconsin who need a voice in Madison to listen to their concerns. Rep. Jeff Fitzgerald and even Governor Jim Doyle expressed serious concerns about how effective Rep. Jeff Wood can be in his capacity as an elected official when he is fighting addiction to drug and alcohol abuse.

Rep. Fitzgerald pressed on Rep. Wood to resign for the good of the Assembly and so did Governor Doyle.  Because Rep. Wood failed to answer from one of his colleagues in the Assembly and from the Governor,  Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan needs to expel Jeff Wood in the quickest way possible.   The Badger Herald reported today that the Assembly Speaker is beginning to move towards expelling Wood.  This is a good first step, but the Assembly Speaker must move quickly for the best interests of Wood’s district.

Some people have given comments trying to discredit our earlier posts calling for Wood’s expulsion saying that his fate should be rendered by the people during next year’s election.  Despite Rep. Wood is not running for re-election, the people of his district cannot go another day without a strong voice to represent them in Madison.   At a time when our state is in a bad economy and people up in Chippewa Falls and Bloomer worry about their homes and their jobs, the last thing they want to worry about is ineffective representation in Madison.

Even if Wood is expelled, the people of the 67th district will choose his successor in a special election which is mandated under Wisconsin law.  The people will have the final verdict on who could replace Jeff Wood.  There is nothing to lose for the Assembly to move forward on expelling Jeff Wood.  The sooner he is expelled, the better off  the 67th will be in having effective representation in Madison.

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One Response to Jeff Wood’s response to 5th arrest not good enough, the sooner he is expelled, the better.

  1. Alleen says:

    Jeff Woods’ voting record is no surprise to me.


    Pro-big business

    He’s a lethal weapon on the roads of our state.
    He has had every opporutunity to straighten himself out prior to this last arrest and only waited until he was threatened with expulsion from the assembly to enter rehab. He even used his own kids as a shield from public outrage aimed at him.

    How anyone can defend this dangerous, arrogant loser is beyond my comprehension.

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