North Shore Exponent to cover 2009 Illinois GOP Governors Debate on November 5th

IL GOP Debate North Shore Exponent is proud to announce that it will be covering the big 2009/2010 Illinois Republican Governor’s debate on November 5th from historic Chicago Hilton on beautiful Michigan Avenue near Lake Michigan.

After Virginia and New Jersey are over, all eyes are going to be on Illinois as a state moving forward from its corrupt past will have one of the most critical GOP governor primaries anywhere in the nation in February 2010.  Seven candidates are vying for a position as the Republican Governor nominee for the State of Illinois.  Despite the large number of candidates, GOP voters want to know who is the person to best lead the party in one of the most challenging times ever in the history of the Prairie State.

Join us as we will have your ticket to the debate.  The debate will be at 7:30 PM-EDT/6:30 PM-CDT live from the Chicago Hilton.  We will post after the debate, the post-debate reaction during the after debate reception.  The debate is sponsored by the Republican Party of Illinois Finance Committee.

This event is adds on to the long list of events this blog has covered or is planning to cover this year including the:

  • 2009 Wisconsin Defending the American Dream Summit-Milwaukee
  • 2009 National Defending the American Dream Summit-DC
  • 2009 Conservative Heartland Conference-St. Louis
  • RightOnline/Netroots Nation Clash of 2009-Pittsburgh
  • 2009 Virginia and New Jersey Governor’s Elections.
  • 2009 NY-20 Congressional Special Election
  • 2009 Milwaukee County Budget Public Hearing
  • 2009 City of Milwaukee Budget Hearing
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