To Our Illinois Readers: Sign the petition, SAY NO TO ACORN

Americans for Prosperity-Illinois issued a new TV ad about the SEIU/ACORN power grab in Illinois.  If you know anyone living in Illinois and are concerned about the Prairie State, please encourage them to sign the petition.

SEIU Local 880 in Chicago has been big in forcing and harassing home health care workers. The stories are staggering as those who are trying to take care of their disabled children are being harrassed by union thugs. If it happens in Illinois, it can happen in Wisconsin, it can happen in your state with how unpredictable the SEIU can be.

Even SEIU Local 1 that has members in Wisconsin have been a big ally to Local 880 in carrying out Rod Blagjoveich’s executive order on forcing unionization of home health care workers.  Local 1 is based in Chicago, however they have members in four different states including Wisconsin.

If you are getting sick and tired of corruption in Illinois, go to and tell Governor Quinn to SAY NO TO ACORN.

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