Virginia Governor: McDonnell sets the new standard for conservative candidates across the USA

Bob McDonnell The North Shore Exponent is very proud to endorse former Republican Attorney General Bob McDonnell as the next Governor for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

During the election, the Democratic National Committee, labor unions, and left fringe groups poured millions of dollars in the race hoping they could carry off the momentum of the 2008 Presidential election in the Commonwealth.   This year, they have been proved wrong in which not money nor increased spending buys new jobs.

McDonnell has ran an excellent, focused, message driven campaign that has already identified what will be the number one issue in all the other Governor’s elections including Wisconsin and a handful of other states: the economy and jobs.  McDonnell has already been innovative in a transportation plan for the Commonwealth that is much needed without raising taxes.  The Exponent challenges anyone in the nation to measure up to McDonnell’s plan of selling off  public property that should be privatized and offshore drilling proceeds to fund transportation without raising taxes.  Creigh Deeds on the other hand failed to come up with a plan only to be schooled by McDonnell during the debates in which McDonnell used a blank piece of paper to show that the Dems have no plan.

Virginia right now according to Forbes is the most business-friendly state in the USA thanks to Virginia’s Right to Work law.  The labor union dollars spent in the race by the  SEIU and the AFL-CIO in their attempt to destroy a good policy like Right to Work can go down as some of the most wasted dollars spent ever in a political campaign.  McDonnell has countered back against big labor with a strong message that he wants to be a jobs governor.   People in the Commonwealth and many other states are hurting, but McDonnell in this race has earned the trust of Virginians that he will create new jobs for the Commonwealth.

People in this election are not looking for talk or empty rhetoric, they are looking for action from the leaders they will elect to get their states out of the recession.  The baseless attacks Creigh Deeds rendered on McDonnell over his graduate school thesis will go down as one of the most failed political attacks in American history.  Many newspapers in Virginia have chided Deeds for his childish campaign that has already made him a national embarrassment to the DNC.  Bob McDonnell throughout the campaign has already put a action plan for the Commonwealth that he is ready to lead from day one.  After a McDonnell victory, he will be the new standard for conservative candidates in 2010 as candidates will attempt to be more like Bob McDonnell and avoid to be Chris Christie.

Therefore, all Virginians in the Commonwealth of Old Dominion are encouraged to vote for Bob McDonnell on November 3rd.

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