Jerry Bader issues retraction over Lawton story.

Good Afternoon, The North Shore Exponent will be deleting all posts in regards to the Jerry Bader report on WTAQ radio yesterday in which Bader reported that Barbara Lawton was in a extra-martial affair.  This morning, Jerry Bader of WTAQ issued a retraction saying that he did not had confidence in the sources that provided him the information.  With that in mind, these posts will be deleted.  Again, my apologies to our readers and to the Lawton Family over this matter.

Kyle Maichle

The North Shore Exponent

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4 Responses to Jerry Bader issues retraction over Lawton story.

  1. grumps says:

    The honorable thing to do is to leave them up and update them so that all can be reminded of the perils of hubris. You should ammend them as being updated and incorrect.

    Dropping them down the memory hole makes it seem as if you have something to hide besides an honest mistake.

    • Kyle Maichle says:

      Steve Eggleston reported on the same story as I did grumps. So basically it was the right thing to first put the blog posts on hold then delete them. Its sort of like instant replay in college football.

      • grumps says:

        It’s absolutely nothing like instant replay in college football. You’re messing with people’s lives. You ran with a rumor that was later proven to be a bald-faced lie and now you’re trying to make it disappear. I’m not sure if integrity gets mentioned in your little conservative blogger camps but you can find a working definition of it in a dictionary.

        It’s too much to hope this episode has given you any insight at all into your own motives but has it, at least, shown you something about the quality of Bader’s character?

  2. standby4321 says:

    Barbara Lawton has called the story an “outrageous lie” Anyone can listen to what Bader said within the WAOW link that I’ve placed in my blog:

    It’s fine to take things down, but if Bader can’t prove his claim, then that’s really not good enough — either for him or any of the other venues that rolled with it. Neither are apologies to the Lawton family, although it’s more than Bader offered.

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