The Exponent endorses Doug Hoffman in NY-23 Congressional Special Election

Doug Hoffmann (C-R New York State)

Doug Hoffmann (C-R-NY-23)

The North Shore Exponent is proud to endorse Doug Hoffman to become the next representative in Congress in a critical special election in New York’s 23rd Congressional district.

Conservatives across the nation have taken a call to action.  A call to action that was done by the endorsements of Senator Fred Thompson, Governor Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Steve Lonegan, and the Club for Growth to support his candidacy.  Hoffmann’s candidacy comes into response of incompetent leadership in the Republican Party of New York State who has endorsed a very liberal Republican candidate named Dede Scozzafava.  As New York allows for electoral fusion and prohibits primaries in special elections, this election can viewed as an opportunity to send a mega shock to the political establishment in Washington.  An election victory for the Conservative Party of New York will send a message to liberal Republican leaders in the Northeast to start recruiting more conservative candidates in 2010 or to resign so new conservative leadership takes over in these state party organizations.

Hoffman is a citizen and a concerned neighbor who like many everyday people across America are getting sick and tired of the bailouts, higher taxes, and bigger government which has become the standard accord in Washington.  Hoffman has a flat tax proposal at the federal level which makes sense for the American people when we need it the most.

The Exponent agrees with Hoffman’s flat tax proposal as progressive taxation in this nation and in a majority of states has  for many years has caused class warfare which is immoral.  The Exponent has argued in the past that if flat taxes are enacted in higher tax states, this would give low income and the middle class more purchasing power thanks to more take home pay in their paychecks.  If a flat tax or ten or fifteen percent was enacted at the federal level it would give the increasing amount of middle class households that are struggling more money in their paychecks.   New York is seeing people leave because of higher taxes enacted by Gov. David Paterson.  People are hurting in the Empire State and higher taxes is wrong way to go.  Hoffman’s proposal of a flat tax would give New Yorkers much needed breathing room until the state government gets its fiscal cards in order.  Hoffman’s plan will finally end this immoral class warfare in America.

Conservatives across the nation are donating money to Hoffman for a reason, because they are getting sick of the establishment party line.  They want to see ideology and principle first before party.  Hoffman who is running on the Conservative Party ticket will put conservative principles and ideology first before responding to party establishment bosses in Washington.  Any conservative across America who is concerned with the future of this nation should contribute what they can afford to his campaign.

A call to duty, honor, and country has came to all conservatives in America.  It is time that conservatives in NY-23 and across America do what it can in the last seven days to send Doug Hoffman to Washington as a voice for the conservative movement.

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4 Responses to The Exponent endorses Doug Hoffman in NY-23 Congressional Special Election

  1. rbrtdowney says:

    WOW sp surprised that you endorsed a know-nothing wingnut supported by fellow know-nothing Sarah Palin and wake-me-up-when-its-over Fred Thompson. Steallar example of the vaccuum of leadership in the GOP — they can’t stop teabagging long enough to figure out what party they’re in.

    • Kyle Maichle says:

      Its conservatives standing up to the party establishment in New York State. The NY GOP leadership got caught in a bind as its a state that allows electoral fusion. Also, do you know how electoral fusion works in New York state? Your comment is way off claiming that the GOP doesn’t know which party is in. The issue is that its the state GOP leadership in NY forgot to know which party they are leading. That is why Pawlenty, Palin, DeMint, and Thompson are endorsing Hoffman. Your comment sounds nothing like soft-core pornography Chucky Schumer would love. Get a grip Robert.

  2. rbrtdowney says:


    How come I don’t see any post election coverage on NY-23 on your site?

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