Arrest video of Jeff Wood’s 3rd DUI arrest in over a year shows him falling down

The Wisconsin State Journal this morning released the arrest video of Jeff Wood’s 3rd arrest for DUI in the last year.  This time the video has Jeff Wood falling down when the Tomah Police was conducting the field sobriety test.

Jeff Wood does need help to take care of his problems, but the people of the 67th Assembly District need a solid, strong voice.  In Wisconsin, you can recall someone or have the legislature expel them if their conduct is detrimental to the Wisconsin Assembly.  However, the recall laws in Wisconsin are very cumbersome and the only way proper representation is ensured for the 67th is for the Wisconsin Assembly to expel Jeff Wood.

This week, Speaker Sheridan released the six people who will serve on a ethics committee that will hold Jeff Wood’s fate in the Assembly. Lets hope these six people see this video and wake up to knowing that the only way that the citizens of the 67th get their proper representation in the Assembly is to show Jeff Wood the door.

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