NJ Governor: Why Chris Christie is pulling away in the last six days

Chris Christie

Chris Christie (R-New Jersey)

On Monday, two new polls for Chris Christie came out to show that the New Jersey Republican is surging in the final days in the campaign for Governor in the Garden State.  The first poll from Rasmussen Reports shows that Chris Christie has extended his lead another point to plus three over Jon Corzine.  The Democratic-laden Public Policy Polling poll shows Christie up plus four over Jon Corzine.  Despite both polls may be reported as a statistical dead heat in the mainstream media, you can see this as the first evidence that shows Chris Christie pulling away from Corzine and Chris Daggett.

The first factor to take into account is that Jon Corzine took a serious hit to his image last week when former Bergen County Democrat boss Joseph Ferriero was convicted of corruption charges. It was Ferriero who donated over $400,000 to Corzine before the former Democrat boss was charged with any crime.    During the last debate of the campaign  on October 22nd in Newark, NJ, the incumbent Governor was cornered by both Christie and Corzine over this issue. Corzine came out very flat when being forced to respond on the issue.  Other polls including Monmouth/Gannett and Survey USA showing that voters are trusting Christie more on corruption over the other two candidates.  These poll numbers show that the Ferriero conviction is beginning to hurt Corzine in the final days of the election.

The second factor to take into account is that when Rasmussen released its poll yesterday was voters that will be voting on election day.  On this factor, Christie has a eight point lead over Corzine on voters who are committed to voting on November 3rd. This factor can bode well into another key intangible in the Public Policy Polling poll  in which Corzine has a 60 percent unfavorable mark while Rasmussen has Corzine’s unfavorable mark at 57 percent.  Also, despite polls may shift who can be in the lead in the final days of the election, Public Policy Polling also reported that 95% of Christie’s supporters will likely vote for the Republican in comparison to 79 percent for the incumbent Governor.  The 95% mark for Christie’s supporters shows that he is in position in the final days to become the first Republican to win the Governor’s race in the Garden State since 1997.

As its not looking good for the Democrats in Virginia, these new polling numbers show Democrats in New Jersey are very nervous right now.

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2 Responses to NJ Governor: Why Chris Christie is pulling away in the last six days

  1. alexhiggins732 says:

    Daggett hurts Corzine, not Christie. When Daggett is included in polls, Christie is up by 3 points. When Daggett is not in the polls Corzine is up by 6 points

    If you afraid that a vote for Daggett is a Vote for Corzine, don’t be because polls for the last couple week show Daggett is hurting Corzine and putting Christie ahead.

    See this Daggett Hurts Corzine and Helps Christie

    You can be sure that you don’t waste your vote by making the I’ll vote for Daggett pledge

  2. giigii says:

    you are a fat slob fuck youhh

    stop eating dunkin donuts

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