Tomorrow: Previewing our election night coverage

Good evening, tomorrow I will be previewing the election night coverage on North Shore Exponent.  As November 3rd looms forward, I will discuss how the coverage will be done, and also give you the key specifics including poll closing times and key elections laws in New York, New Jersey, and Virginia.

Second, I will preview the five states that will have statewide ballot propositions.  Texas. Maine, Ohio, New Jersey, and Washington State have key ballot propositions.  The ones to watch are in Maine and Washington State.  In Maine, the big issue is over passing a Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, while in Washington State the legality of domestic partnerships is the top issue along with TABOR.  Other key propositions include a gambling proposition in the Buckeye State  to authorize casinos in four major Ohio cities along with a open space ballot proposition in New Jersey.

I am excited for election night and what is yet to unfold in one of the most critical odd year elections in US history.   We hope you will join the North Shore Exponent on election night as we start at 6:3o PM-EDT/5:30-PM-CDT on November 3rd, a half hour before the polls close in Virginia.  More on election night, tomorrow.

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