Election Night Preview: New Jersey and Virginia Governor, NY-23 Congress

This is the first of a two-part preview on North Shore Exponent’s election night coverage.  The first part is on the Governor’s elections in New Jersey and Virginia along with the NY-23 special election.

Less than five days comes before election night.  I am very excited for this night as we await how the most critical off-year election in US history is going to unfold.  This first part of the preview outlines how the election night is covered and gives you some of the basics in New Jersey and Virginia along with NY-23.

I. How Election Night is covered

All coverage starts at 6:30-PM-EDT/5:30-PM-CDT, a half hour before the first poll closing in Virginia (7PM-ET/6-PM-CT).   The coverage continues until we get winners in NY-23, New Jersey, and Virginia.

All results will be gathered from the Virginia Board of Elections, the New Jersey Secretary of State-Division of Elections, and the New York State Elections Board.  In addition, the North Shore Exponent will get information from major media sources in New York, New Jersey, and Virginia/DC in addition to the major news networks .

The North Shore Exponent will not declare winners until it is known that a major media source has declared a winner in either VA, NJ, or NY-23.

Once exit poll data is made available on-line, all links to exit polls will be provided.


In Virginia, voters in the Commonwealth will vote on Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, and Secretary of State.  In addition, all seats in the Virginia House of Delegates along with seats in the Virginia State Senate will be up for election.

Note that in Virginia, Governor and Lieutenant Governor are not voted on the same ticket like other states.

The polls in Virginia are open at 6 AM-EDT and close at 7 PM-EDT.  If any voter is in line at the time the polls close in Virginia, the voter will still be able to vote.

In the event of a close election, there is no mandatory recount law in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  A recount can be initiated by a candidate that lost by less than one percentage point (1%), however the recount can only be asked for after the Virginia elections board certifies the election.

New Jersey

In New Jersey,  voters will be voting on Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and members of the General Assembly and State Senate.  Also, there will be one ballot question in New Jersey.  The position of Lieutenant Governor  is newly created for the State of New Jersey.

Governor and Lieutenant Governor in New Jersey are voted on the same ticket in the Garden State.

The polls in New Jersey will be open from 6 AM-EDT to 8 PM-EDT.  Any voter in New Jersey is in line when the polls close will be entitled to vote.

With how close the race for Governor is in New Jersey, the Garden State does not have a mandatory recount law like some other states have enacted.    It is up to the candidate’s campaign to request a recount in the Garden State.  In the event of a recount, all votes must be hand counted at the time of the recount.

New York-23 Special Election

Citizens in counties that make up the 23rd Congressional District will be voting on who will become the next member of the House of Representatives representing a portion of Upstate New York.

The polls in New York-23 will be open from 6:00-AM-EDT to 9:oo-PM-EDT.

If the results are close in New York-23, a recount must happen within fifteen days after the election which is mandated under New York law.  This involves re-counting votes and examining voting machines as New York has recently switched its voting format from the lever machine to the optical scan ballot.

Later, there will be a preview of five states that will have statewide ballot propositions on the ballot.  Know which states will have propositions on the ballot and find out what issues voters in these states will have their say on.

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