The Next Focus: Illinois GOP Primary

Good evening, after Virginia and New Jersey along with NY-23 the next focus is on Illinois.  Illinois will have the most competitive and intense primary elections for Governor with the GOP.  Hard to believe on Monday, it will be exactly four months until the February 2, 2010 primary that will determine the GOP and Democratic nominees for Governor.

The North Shore Exponent will be at the November 5th Illinois GOP Primary debate from the beautiful Chicago Hilton off of Michigan Avenue near the Lakefront.  The blog will be one of a few blogs that will cover the debate.  7 candidates will be making the case on November 5th on why they should just be not the GOP nominee, but the next Governor of the State of Illinois.

The North Shore Exponent will have your pass to the debate.   The debate will be from 6:30 PM to 8 PM on November 3rd.  When it gets closer to the debate, the Exponent will know what will be the actual rules of the debate once all campaigns have agreed on the rules.  All the candidates have been invited to debate.

The debate is the beginning of planned coverage of the Illinois GOP Primary in 2010.  The North Shore Exponent will keep going until election night on February 2nd.

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