Statement on Dede Scozzfava in NY-23 dropping out of the special election

Yesterday’s news of Dede Scozzfava dropping out of the race for NY-23 is encouraging and exciting news for conservatives across the nation.  These actions prove that there is a stronger conservative base growing in the Republican Party in all corners of the nation.  Also, it sent a message that Republican activists in the nation have had enough of sellout Republicans and demanding authentic, conservative leadership.   Before the mainstream media and lefty bloggers point fingers at who to blame, this is basically all the fault of the New York State Republican Party and the NRCC for supporting an extremely liberal candidate like Scozzfava.

There is a growing conservative base in the Northeast, and more is yet to come.  Earlier this year, conservative Republican Steve Lonegan gave Chris Christie in the New Jersey GOP Governor primary a not so-easy primary as the election ended out 56-44 in favor of Christie.  In Connecticut, people are gravitated for Peter Schiff’s message of free markets and liberty while putting a scare to the establishment leadership in their state’s Republican Party.  On Tuesday, the momentum will be getting bigger for conservatives in the Northeast when Doug Hoffman defeats Bill Owens in the NY-23 special election.

The North Shore Exponent endorsed Doug Hoffman for a reason, because our nation has had enough with sellout Republicans like Scozzfava.  On Tuesday, the people of New York’s 23rd Congressional District can be assured that a vote for Doug Hoffman is the beginning of the return of Ronald Reagan-style values to their district and nation.  The voters will have a crystal clear difference between Bill Owens and Doug Hoffman.

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