Scot Ross doesn’t understand how S-CHIP works as he attacks Walker on Money Bomb Day

Scot Ross of the ultra-partisan One Partisan Wisconsin Now issued a press release over Scott Walker’s call to cut S-CHIP known as BadgerCare.  Ross said:

“But why would Scott Walker care? He’s got a $120,000 a year salary, taxpayer-financed health care and a lovely house with a big pool to enjoy.”
Well, Scott Walker cares because BadgerCare has reached the tipping point of unsustainability.   Doesn’t Ross know that BadgerCare is funded by a federal cigarette tax that is unsustainable.  The problem is that when cigarette taxes go up, people go to alternative sources to buy their cigarettes like the casinos that Jim Doyle pimps and the internet.   Also, a majority of cigarette smokers are low and middle income people, the same people Ross claims to care for.  Study after study has shown that high cigarette taxes have caused problems for states using the tax to fund government programs and for the federal government.

With how BadgerCare ran out of money this year, maybe One Partisan Wisconsin Now should be going at Congress over the shortfall of money on BadgerCare.   Scott Walker would have to make the cuts because of Congress using a unsustainable funding source.

Wisconsin’s cigarette taxes already over $2.00 a pack (5th Highest in the US at $2.52), add on the new $1.00 a pack federal cigarette tax in which it  is designed to fund programs like BadgerCare no wonder why the program is unsustainable.

Maybe the guys at One Partisan Wisconsin Now should do their part and light up for the people who need BadgerCare.  They should use their George Soros-funded money to buy a few cartons of cigarettes for the people who need BadgerCare before attacking Scott Walker.  Maybe this YouTube video telling people to do their part to light up for health care should knock some sense into these people who are disconnected from economic reality:

Also, here is an economic lesson from Congressman Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) on why S-CHIP programs like BadgerCare are unsustainable by using the federal cigarette tax as the funding source:

Remember, its Congress that funds S-CHIP.

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