Down the stretch they come in the Garden State

NJ Governor Debate

2009 NJ Governor's Candidates

If you always heard legendary horse racing announcer Dave Johnson say “down the stretch they come” well you have the political version of that famous catch phrase in New Jersey.

As the polls open in the Garden State the battle for who will become the Governor of New Jersey comes to its epic conclusion.  With the races in Virginia Governor and NY-23  Congress starting to show Republican victory, the battle for everything politically in America comes down to the Garden State.

The race for Governor has taken its twists and turns, but in the last polls Republican Chris Christie has taken the lead in a majority of polls.  Yesterday, a new poll from Public Policy Polling shows Christie up seven on incumbent Governor Jon Corzine.  Could this be the poll that could show what is yet to come in the Garden State on election night?  There are a couple good factors why.  First, Governor Corzine in the past week and a half has taken a hit on the issue of corruption.  A former Democrat party boss and ally to Corzine was convicted of corruption charges hours before the last Governor’s debate on October 23rd.  Second, poll numbers are showing Corzine’s unfavorable numbers high.  Also, add-on that most voters in most polls trust Chris Christie on the issue of corruption.

A lot is yet to unfold on election night in Garden State, but to see a Republican win Governor in New Jersey where Obama had a seventeen point win for President last year could mean a big scare ahead for the President.  With how unfavorable the polling is for Virginia Governor and NY-23 Congress for Democrats, a New Jersey win for the GOP could basically put the Blue Dog and vulnerable Democrats on high alert when it comes to key issues on health care.   In 1993, wins for Governor in Virginia and New Jersey started the first Republican revolution.  Seventeen years later, a second revolution is ready to come.  As we see Corzine, Christie, and Daggett come down the final stretch, a whole nation is watching the Garden State tonight to see how our political future turns.

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