Go Out and VOTE!!!!

Good morning, the polls are officially open in NY-23, Virginia, and New Jersey.   Also, in the other states that have major ballot propositions the polls are also open too.  Please get out there and VOTE because your vote and voice matter on election day.

Don’t forget to come back later tonight for election coverage.

Here are the poll closing times in key states tonight (Local Poll Closing time listed first).

NJ Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Open Space Proposition-8 PM-EDT/7 PM-CDT

VA Governor, Lt. Gov, and Attorney General-7 PM-EST/6-PM-CST

NY-23 Congress Special Election-9 PM-EST/8 PM-CST

Maine Gay Marriage and TABOR 2 Propositions-8 PM-EST/7 PM-CST

Ohio Casino Gambling Referendum-7 PM-EST/6 PM-CST

Texas Property Tax Referendum-7 PM-CST/8 PM-EST

Washington State Domestic Partner and TABOR Propositions-8 PM-PST, 10 PM-CST, 11 PM-EST

Pennsylvania Supreme Court-7 PM-EST/6 PM-CST

If you need help finding your polling place, please call your local elections authority.

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