Milwaukee County First stretches the truth about Scott Walker campaign event.

Today, Milwaukee County First issued another fluffy press release to chide Scott Walker over not attending the Milwaukee County Budget public hearing.   Chris “Capper” Liebenthal and his union thug gang exaggerated what the Scott Walker event last night was about in which their claim is a campaign fundraiser. That is false, the event in Pewaukee was a old fashioned rally one year until the election for Governor.

The only fundraiser that happened was a pure Ron Paul-style money bomb that happened online all-day, yesterday at The people who have contributed are people in Milwaukee County and across the state who are fed up with the policies that Liebenthal and his union buddies perpetuate and the already high taxes that kill private sector jobs in Wisconsin.  It is regular, everyday people who contributed to the “money bomb” fundraiser who are fed up with Democrat policies.

Liebenthal has already moaned about the money bomb on his union’s blog claiming it is a “blind panic”. Now when real conservatives running for US Senate like Peter Schiff, Jim DeMint,  Rand Paul, Pat Toomey, and Marco Rubio who will plan to have money bombs during their campaigns will he call them “blind panics”?  However, any smart political observer can laugh at Capper’s claims and if the GOP wins tonight in NY-23, NJ, and VA, he  should think again and know that the tide is about to be turning.

All I got to say is nice try Capper,  but your claim is no good way wide left.   Because Capper and his union pals have slapped Wisconsin taxpayers in the face, this is why people across Wisconsin are donating to Scott Walker’s message of conservative change.    Maybe Capper is now in a blind panic because so-far 76% of Walker’s donations are less than $50 a key category that helped Obama win last year.

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