NJ and VA elections coverage begins.

Good evening, the waiting game is almost over.  In 30 minutes, the polls will be closing in Virginia.  In a hour and half, the polls will close in New Jersey while in two and one half hours the polls close in NY-23.

In terms of voter turnout today, it differed where the election was.  In New Jersey, elections officials from the Secretary of State’s office reported turnout to be fairly light.  However, some reports have reported heavy GOP turnout which could favor Chris Christie.

In Virginia, voter turnout pales in comparison to last year’s Presidential election.  The Virginia Elections Board reported that voter turnout will reach 50 percent.  With the polls showing McDonnell with a large lead, will there be a early call in Virginia for McDonnell?

In states that there are major statewide ballot propositions turnout differed on the issue.  Turnout is reported light in Texas, while there has been heavy turnout reported in Maine for its gay marriage referendum.  There is moderate turnout in Ohio for a casino gambling referendum that would authorize casino gambling in the state’s four largest cities.

In New York-23, it is yet to be seen how things will unfold.   As we get results, they will be posted.  We will be getting results from the state and local election authorities along with major media sources.  No winners will be declared unless a major media source declares a winner.  In a little bit, the first returns from Virginia.

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