After the Dems got beat in Virginia and New Jersey, Mike Tate can offically consider himself warned about 2010

Last night’s wins for the GOP in Virginia and New Jersey has far-reaching impact in the political spectrum across the nation.  In a swing state like Wisconsin, Mike Tate the brash, tough-talking Democrat Party Chairman can now officially consider himself warned about what is about to happen in Wisconsin next year.

Virginia which has similar demographics like Wisconsin as a purple state sent a clear message last night to Democrats, enough with big government.  The message sent by Virgina voters could be a similar message sent by Wisconsin’s voters next year.  Many people in Wisconsin are fed up with backroom dealt state budgets, higher taxes, and a lack of transparency along with a stench of corruption that has ruined a once proud state.

If a young Mike Tate tries to downplay the results in Virginia and New Jersey, he’s got another thing coming.  What is coming that a possible double digit victory for Republicans in Virginia last night could be the same verdict for Wisconsin Democrats next year regardless of who is on the top of the ticket for  Governor.  Exit polls  shown last night in both Virginia and New Jersey that the economy and big government are the top two issues voters decided to throw the Democrats out. Also, independents are the key to winning in Wisconsin.  Independent voters soundly rejected Democrat candidates in both states.  Not having strong independent support would derail either Tom Barrett, Kevin Conroy, or Dick Leinekugel who are considered to be running for Democrat nomination for Governor.

Also, add on that New Jersey which is a hard-blue state that went for Chris Christie by nearly five  points and it shows right now that America is not with the Democratic Party.  The numbers are not with Wisconsin Democrats as Obama’s approval rating according to SurveyUSA is less than fifty percent and a party in disarray since Barbara Lawton dropping out of the race.

You can downplay all you want Mike Tate, but Mike consider yourself warned as the conservative freight train is about to hit Wisconsin Democrats hard.

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4 Responses to After the Dems got beat in Virginia and New Jersey, Mike Tate can offically consider himself warned about 2010

  1. rbrtdowney says:

    Please. NJ and VA are volatile — in 2001, both went Dem. VA governor goes almost exclusively to the opposite party of whoevers in the WH. NJ is volatile, gov’s office has changed parties at least 15 times in the last 100 years.

    The real story is NY-23 where the teabaggers/dim bulbs/Palinites couldn’t win in a district that has elected Republicans since before the Civil War. The last non-Republican to hold that seat was a Whig.

    • Kyle Maichle says:

      The reason why a VA win is significant because Obama won by 7 last year in Virginia. A 20 point win for McDonnell is a huge upswing.

      Wisconsin is a pure swing state like Virginia. A win for the GOP in Virginia will give the GOP the chance to win Governor’s races in swing states like Michigan, Ohio, and Iowa.

      The number one factor in the exit polls was the economy in Virginia. In NJ, its the economy. I betcha in any swing state the GOP will win on the economy next year. If unemployment nationwide goes over 10 percent, a lot of swing states will go red. NJ an VA have national implications.

      This is why WI Dem leadership should consider themseleves warned about nexr year.

  2. the bystander says:

    Again with the Mike Tate man crush. For goodness sakes either ask him out our shut up about him. You can copy “your” analysis from other websites without dragging Tate into it.

    • Kyle Maichle says:

      Hey bystander, you are spewing this nonsense because I betcha you are nervous after seeing the Dems get owned in Virginia and New Jersey. You have to act like Jon Corzine because I am the only blogger in Wisconsin holding Chairman Tate accountable.

      Trust me, you are nervous of hard blogging and hard news. No matter what you say, I am not going to be intimidated by your worthless comment.

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