DSCC is way off about Mark Kirk and Sarah Palin

Just one day before Sarah Palin’s visit to the Milwaukee Area, the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee is now trying to attack Sarah Palin as a cause for a moderate Republican purge waiting to happen in other states including Illinois.

Let me be clear, the whole issue in New York-23 was an unaccountable state party committee that chose Dede Scozzfava as the party’s nominee behind closed doors.  The party’s nominee should of have been decided in a GOP primary.  If that was the case,  Mr. Hoffman would be elected.  This finding was said by Hailey Barbour during an Republican Governor’s Association Conference call last night and many other people in the GOP know it was the New York state party leadership not Sarah Palin for what happened between Republicans in NY-23.

Now, the DSCC is hyping the Illinois GOP Senate primary on speculation who will the former Alaska Governor will endorse in the Prairie State.   The people of Illinois will be fortunate to have a primary on February 2nd to come up with that answer in not just the GOP but the Democratic Party too.

In the mean time, this rant from the DSCC is nothing but a desperate attempt to shape next year’s elections as really the Democrats lost big on election night with New Jersey and Virginia Governor’s wins for the GOP.  A Republican sweep in 1993 in the two states led to a GOP revolution while a Democrat sweep in 2005 lead to a Democrat Revolution in 2006.   History indicates another revolution is happening because voters in Virginia and New Jersey have put their trust in the GOP as the Democrats in these two states have failed their people on the economy.

No matter how the Democrats want to hype NY-23, the truth is a conservative Republican freight train is going to hit hard in Illinois soon.  Nice try Dems, but you are acting very nervous because a fat Governor-elect just owned you.



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