How I will be scoring tonight’s IL GOP Governor Primary debate

To explain how I will rate the Governor’s candidates I will give you the scoring system.

Each candidate will have an opportunity to earn 3 to 6 points for every question.

3 Points-Candidate makes an attempt to answer a question, but answers in concurrence with other candidates.

4 Points-Candidate presents some facts, but not enough evidence to justify the facts or their platform.

5 Points-Candidate presents a well justified argument, but needs some explaining to do.

6 Points-Outstanding, presents the facts and how it ties into their campaign.

If a candidate fails to make a justified attempt to present their position they will not score any points.

Bonus Points

1 to 3 points for a good rebuttal

1 to 3 points bonus for closing statements.

Here is how I will deduct points.

-1 point if a candidate debates out of turn.

-1 to -3 points if one candidate interrupts another candidate during the debate

-3 points for unsportsmanlike conduct.

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3 Responses to How I will be scoring tonight’s IL GOP Governor Primary debate

  1. JB says:

    How many points to you get for being a RINO?

    Mark Kirk supports:
    Cap and Trade
    Hate crimes legislation
    Gun control
    The bank bailout
    … and — wait for it — Abortion!!!

    He’s only slightly more conservative than Scozzafava was by a matter of degrees and yet you’re not screaming RINO at the top of our lungs?

    Your consistency is poor — or were you just not smart enough to do your homework on the guy before you jumped in the train to Chicago?

    • Kyle Maichle says:

      I already know about Mark Kirk JB. I have written a post blasting his support for Cap and Trade over the summer.

  2. JB says:

    So why is he not a RINO whereas other you’ve “called out” for the same heresies are?

    Please address abortion, as well.

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