IL GOP Governor Debate Primer-All You Need to Know

Here is what you need to know about tonight’s debate live from the Chicago Hilton.

The debate will be held at 6:30-PM tonight til 8 PM-CST.

The Moderator of the debate tonight is long-time Illinois political commentator Chris Robling.

Format of the debate tonight will be no opening statements, every candidate will have 90 seconds to anwser a question, with 30 seconds for a rebuttal.  Each candidate will have a closing statement at the end of the debate.  The first half of the debate will be questions from the moderator while the other half of the debate will be questions from Illinois citizens submitted via e-mail.

There will be a luck of the draw before the debate to determine who will be first to start off the debate as there will be seven candidates.  After the first candidate answers the first question, then it will go in a round robin format in the order where the candidate is seated.

All people who are watching debate are encouraged to visit the candidates websites to know their positions on the issues:

* Adam Andrzejewski (Businessman)

* Bill Brady (State Senator from Bloomington and Small Business Owner)

* Kirk Dillard (State Senator)

* Andy McKenna (Former IL GOP State Chairman)

* Dan Proft (Businessman)

* Jim Ryan (Former Attorney General)-Recently announced candidate

* Bob Schillerstrom (DuPage County Executive)

There will be a live web-cast of the debate thanks from one of the great conservative Chicago radio stations 890 AM WLS.  At the end of the debate, I will have a scorecard to rate the candidates.  In a another post I will describe how I will be rating the candidates. Also, I will try to get post-debate reaction from the candidates

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