RGA thinks highly of Scott Walker during a special conference call.

Just tonight, the Republican Governor’s Association had a national conference call talking about 2009 successes and planning for 2010.

During the call, Republican Governor candidate Scott Walker was talked highly by Mississippi Governor and RGA Chairman Hailey Babour The RGA is very impressed with Scott Walker’s credentials putting him in a line with other fine Governor candidates including Rick Perry of Texas, John Kasich of Ohio, and Sam Brownback of Kansas.

The RGA was pivotal in helping Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell winning and they will be playing a critical role in the 2010 battle for Madison.

In order for the RGA to play a role in this, they are committed to dedicating close to $70 million in needed resources for all 37 governor’s races. In Wisconsin, it is expected that the RGA will play a critical role as they are planning to put the race in the top tier. This means the RGA could spend $5 million alone for Wisconsin not counting what the RNC pulls in.

The RGA did a great job in convincing voters in crucial TV ads in New Jersey that a vote for Chris Daggett was a vote for Jon Corzine. The support from the RGA helped Chris Christie win the Garden State.

It is important Scott Walker supporters help support the RGA. Their support will help in areas the campaign needs help. When it came to crunchtime, the RGA did it in the Garden State, Wisconsin conservatives are encouraged to help the RGA so they can give Scott Walker next year the assist Chris Christie got this year.

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4 Responses to RGA thinks highly of Scott Walker during a special conference call.

  1. JB says:

    Yes, Wisconsin conservatives, please support the RGA, where no more than 7 cents of every dollar you give them comes back to Scott Walker … at least according to Mr. Maichle’s numbers here.

  2. capper says:

    What credentials does Walker have?

    • Kyle Maichle says:

      Capper, see my new blog post for my response. You only have to mention his name one time then you will get the response about Scott Walker, ’nuff said.

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