The real impact of election night 2009, Republicans won when it came down to crunch time.

Many on the left including are trying to downplay the impact of the New Jersey and Virginia Governor’s race.

The real winners of the night were the GOP in those two races. The night got off to a great start in which Bob McDonnell gave a shellacking to Democrat Creigh Deeds. The first returns last night had McDonnell up 67-33. During the night, hardly any of that lead softened. It was when WUSA-TV in DC and the AP called for McDonnell’s running mate Bill Bolling when it was known Bob McDonnell gave Conservatives a big statement win. When looking at the map last night, the vote was very strong for McDonnell. Even in Northern Virginia, strong Democrat counties fell in the McDonnell column thanks to strong independent voter support.

When the polls closed in New Jersey and the first returns showing Chris Christie up double digits it was a good start, but the question was how long would it hold up? Once more returns came in the answer was getting clearer. When more than 60 percent of the vote was in and Christie was up by 6 on Corzine two things had to be taken into account. What will happen when Democrat strong counties are counted and will independent Chris Daggett be the spoiler. The answer came in a sequence. First when 70 percent of the vote was in, Mr. Daggett conceded. This was known as Daggett barely registered the votes he needed and Christie’s lead remained intact. Then once the AP and all the other networks called the race it was over.

When looking at NY-23, Doug Hoffman came into the race when the GOP at the state level in New York failed prospective voters. This had nothing to do with the RNC or the NRCC. The reason why DeDe Scozzfava was chosen was at the request of party bosses in the backroom. If this happened in Wisconsin, I would be outraged. The lefties can say whatever on Hoffman, but the reason why Hoffman lost was that the New York Republican Party gamed off a bad system of picking someone in the backroom then holding a honest primary election.

The last time Virginia and New Jersey swept in 1993 a Republican revolution happened. Last night, regardless of what happened in NY-23 a rendezvous with destiny is happening with the Republicans. Get ready for the Second Revolution.

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