Activist sumbitted questions are the next round

Dan Proft just talked about how he would get more jobs to IL college students.  Proft said tax cuts and spending cuts are the anwser.  Question from Moline, IL college student

Jim Ryan is for pension reform.

Bob Schillerstrom slammed the State of Illinois for warehousing the developmentally disabled.  Schillerstrom is for more community based housing.

Question from a Arlington Hts woman on creating community housing for developmentally disabled.

Adam Andrzejewski talked about busting the Charter school cap in Illinois and making it unlimited.

Bill Brady was asked about the 1996 Illinois Property Tax Cap law.  Brady has said that school districts must control their property taxes used for education.  Brady cited 25% increases in Cook County.  Brady said state dollars must pay property tax bill.

Kirk Dillard was asked about tourism.   Dillard has said that Chicago is a great foreign destination and would try to increase Chicago’s international image and re-branding downstate tourisim.;

Andy McKenna was asked on high speed rail.   McKenna said the fiscal wreck like what is happening right now should prevent high speed rail.

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